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Connecting leaders and innovators creating the future of work and driving positive change


Future of Work Summit returns for its 4th consecutive year on 11th June 2020 as one of London Tech Week's Anchor Events! As part of Europe's most influential tech festival, Future of Work Summit is committed to delivering key insights and learnings to innovators dedicated to driving workplace transformation and inspiring employee talent.

This year's incredible agenda will be a deep-dive into three key pillars driving workplace innovation - technology, people and process. It will feature high-profile speakers from enterprises and experts from a wide variety of industries.

If you're responsible for driving workplace transformation through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies or through affecting positive cultural changes you don't want to miss this fantastic event.

Did you know?

of business leaders said they have plans to create individualised employee experiences comparable to consumer experiences (Accenture)
think technology will improve their job prospects in the future (PWC)
of children now entering primary school will hold jobs that currently don’t exist (World Economic Forum)


If you are responsible for people strategy, organisational development, workplace tech implementation, or have the potential to influence change in the workplace this event is for you.

- Organisational Development
- Strategic Planning
- Workforce Management
- Talent Acquisition and Management
- Human Resources
- HR Tech
- HR Analytics
- Employee Experience
- People Development
- Company Culture
- Employee Development
- Incentives Programs
- Training Initiatives
- Talent Science
- Strategic Workforce Planning
- Workplace Experience
- Learning and Organizational Effectiveness
- People Operations
- Team Growth


Explore the connection between technology, people and process and get the answers to help you drive innovation in your workplace:

  • Adopting cloud-based communication platforms
  • Building a tech-first training and development programme
  • Driving sustainability through technology
  • Augmenting your workforce with AI
  • Making the most of multi-platform working and the gig economy
  • How Augmented and Virtual Reality is driving innovation
  • The necessity of diversity in a 21st-century workforce
  • Anticipating the winners and losers of the future or work
  • Building evidence-based employee wellbeing strategies
  • Bridging the digital skills a gap and the right to retrain
  • Re-defining the workplace with smart and sustainable buildings
  • Ensuring the United Kingdom is building a digital workforce
  • Start-up mentality vs. the Corporate machine - who is defining the future?
  • Building a data-driven mindset
  • Developing a  business case and securing buy-in from crucial stakeholders