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08:00 09:00 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Registration & coffee

09:00 09:15 (15 mins)

Main agenda

Conference Opening and Setting the Scene for Global Carrier Billing

  • John Abraham - Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason

09:15 09:35 (20 mins)

Main agenda

DCB updates from Google

  • Richard Alec Turner - Director, Android Platform Partnerships - Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Google

09:35 09:55 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Managing successful carrier billing services in Europe’s largest economy

  • Making carrier billing relevant for customers by creating a rich portfolio of services
  • Successful bad debt management to achieve competitive rates for merchants
  • Increasing customer acceptance with effective consumer protection measures
  • How to enter new markets
  • Martin Schurig - Head of Financial and Enabling Services, Telefonica Germany

09:55 10:15 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Case study from an aggregator: How we helped a merchant integrate credit card and carrier billing to create a new billing model

  • Overview of the digital service chosen for this new, integrated billing model
  • Reasons why integration of credit card billing and carrier billing was chosen as the best combination for this digital service
  • Analysis of the revenue ratio and percentages of the two billing models
  • Insights into the user profile choosing one or the other billing model
  • The future of integrating various billing models

10:15 10:35 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Peculiarities of Carrier Billing in developing markets: Algerian showcase

  • Ooredoo and Algerian Market: The opportunity
  • Difficulties of the market: Non-convertible currencies, withholding taxes, telco taxes, channel costs
  • Carrier Billing showcase: What has been done so far and what is planned to be done in the coming years?
  • API roadmap: What else can be offered from telco to OTTs?
  • Evolution and telco perspective: Why is this important for telcos?
  • Jose Maria Prieto Pablos - New Business Director, Ooredoo

10:35 11:05 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: The importance of DCB in emerging markets

  • How DCB is helping financial inclusion in emerging markets
  • Highlighting how DCB has brought innovation to emerging markets
  • What Google has done to integrate innovation in emerging markets
  • Case studies from different countries
  • Mahir Sahin - Head of Africa android partnerships, Google
  • Jose Maria Prieto Pablos - New Business Director, Ooredoo

11:05 11:45 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Networking break, with speed networking

11:50 12:20 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: Experience exchange for dealing with DCB regulation and taxation globally

  • What’s happening in different regions with regards to regulation and taxation of DCB?
  • To which extent will the new regulation in Europe limit the potential of DCB?
  • What are the best countries globally for DCB business?
  • Currency issues and taxation challenges – Best practice to deal with these issues
  • How are operators and merchants resolving their challenges and seizing opportunities across the globe?
  • Martin O'Driscoll - Senior Global Commercial Manager- Operator Billing, Universal Windows Store, Microsoft
  • Celeste Norlund - Projects Director, Telenor

12:20 12:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

What are the hurdles in getting DCB as an offer in an operator company?

  • Building a viable business case with different country constraints taken into account
  • Internal marketing: showing the product value:  ARPU lift from DCB – internal study in Telenor
  • Working with partners and operators to lift the DOB revenues
  • Celeste Norlund - Projects Director, Telenor

12:40 14:00 (80 mins)

Main agenda

Lunch break, with hosted lunch tables

14:00 14:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: Preventing and managing DCB fraud and bad debt

  • What can different players in the ecosystem do to prevent and manage DCB fraud (including carriers, aggregators and merchants)?
  • Examples of DCB fraud in different geographical regions – How to prevent this on time and manage it effectively when it happens?
  • What’s the percentage of DCB fraud and bad debt cases today?
  • Case studies of particular fraud and debt issues, and potential solutions which we can apply

14:30 14:50 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Resolving DCB security issues

  • What are the key DCB security issues from the customer perspective?
  • Overview of technical solutions for DCB security – How these address specific issues
  • How to approach regionally specific problems with regards to security
  • Can DCB adapt to the advancements in technology in such a way to become the most secure payment method?

14:50 15:20 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Afternoon break

15:20 15:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Case study from Turk Telekom: Adapting DCB services to our IPTV platform

  • Building a creative solution in order to increase both DCB and advertising revenue at the same time
  • Targeted ads on IPTV overview
  • Connecting DCB and targeted ads: DCB in IPTV in sales via targeted ads
  • Timelines and goals we aim to achieve with the two parts of the project
  • Gorkem Genel - Direct Carrier Billing, Turk Telekom

15:40 16:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

How does carrier billing compare with mobile wallet, payment and banking services?

  • Current state of play with the scale and reach of competing services (for example: Apple, Samsung and Android Pay’s global expansion map and device support)
  • Overview of proliferation of, and investment in, new technologies and services (for example, mobile banks and wallet apps)
  • Service features and innovations: Bridging the gap between mobile content, in-app retail and in-store payment options
  • Lessons from different providers around incentives, features, loyalty and more (for example, Alibaba’s Alipay, Tencent’s WeChat)
  • Lessons about integrating with social platforms such as WeChat or Facebook
  • Considering the emergence of operators becoming banks
  • How do mobile operators use carrier billing and wallets to create new MFS features?
  • Ruomeng Wang - Lead Analyst, mobile money & financial services, IHS Markit

16:00 16:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: Lessons from others - What can the DCB community learn from other payment option providers and other industries?

  • Which tips and tricks can DCB technology implement from others?
  • Are there opportunities for partnerships?
  • How can carriers integrate DCB and other payment methods most effectively?
  • Discussing the evolution of revenue share models and examples – Which of the different models could be implemented in DCB and how would they affect different players in the ecosystem?
  • Could carriers still make money a decent amount of money if their revenue share decreased for the sake of growing the industry?
  • Ruomeng Wang - Lead Analyst, mobile money & financial services, IHS Markit
  • Mun-Ling Yeong - Head, Business Strategy and Payments, StarHub

16:30 16:40 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Funding DCB initiatives: How to develop a strong pitch and get VC funding

  • David Fauchier - Founder, Mr Wolf

16:40 17:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Elevator pitch / demo session: Latest DCB technologies and use cases (5min presentations)

17:00 17:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: Which goods and services can be charged via DCB?

  • What are the key goods and services purchased through DCB today? What could it be in 5 or 10 years’ time?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of DCB for VAS services in various markets
  • How can direct carrier billing become a common payment method not for only digital goods, but also for physical goods and services? What kind of transition and new business models will be required? What’s the potential of this with resurgence of SMS as an easy and simple method for payments, available on all types of phones?
  • How can carriers integrate DCB and other payment methods most effectively?
  • How are the DCB technology and ecosystem going to evolve?

17:30 18:00 (30 mins)

Main agenda

End of conference, with Networking Drinks

18:00 18:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Direct carrier billing awards (DCB Awards)


  • Best DCB carrier
  • Best DCB aggregator
  • Best DCB merchant
  • Most innovative DCB technology