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Global Carrier Billing Summit
September 2024
September 2024

Why attend Global Carrier Billing and Mobile Payments Summit 2024

Taking place as an in-person event in September 2024, the show will provide you with an opportunity to connect directly with industry stakeholders, major MNOs, and content providers to solidify your role within the carrier billing and mobile payment industry.

Amongst other highlights, the event will feature global keynotes, expert panels and presentation, focused roundtables, 1-1 meetings, an exhibition floor, an awards programme and reception, cocktail reception, a 5K run and other networking opportunities to enable the dialogue between all parties of the ecosystem.

The event of 2024 that will redefine the mobile payments landscape. In its new iteration, the Global Carrier Billing and Mobile Payments Summit will bring together industry leaders, operators, e-wallets mobile payment providers, content creators, merchants and e-wallets to analyze the entire mobile payments universe, predict its future, and unlock its untapped potential.

As an MNO, content creator, streaming service, game publisher, or digital and physical merchant, the success hinges on selecting the right payment methods to maximize the business revenue and customer satisfaction. The summit will provide you with unparalleled insights into the benefits and nuances of different payment methods, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed choices that align with your goals.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

Position yourselves as key players and effectively navigate the evolving digital economy by attending the GCB and Mobile Payments Summit and adopting mobile payments

Digital Merchants and E-Wallets

Partner with MNOs and Power Up with Carrier Billing and Mobile Payments. Showcase the best of both worlds to global MNO representatives, gain industry insights, maximize revenue potential, foster business model innovation, explore collaborative opportunities, and stay updated on regulatory consideration. 

Solution Providers

Capture the attention of potential partners, investors, and industry influencers as you demonstrate how your solutions align with the carrier billing ecosystem and provide unique value to digital merchants, content providers, gaming companies, ed-tech firms, and Maas providers.

Event rationale

Empower Businesses

Showcase the immense potential of carrier billing as a game-changing solution for businesses, enabling them to unlock new revenue streams and improve customer satisfaction.

Enhance User Experience

Demonstrate how carrier billing simplifies and streamlines the payment process, providing customers with a frictionless, secure, and convenient way to transact. 


Foster Innovation

Encouraging collaboration and innovation among carriers, payment providers, and merchants to create cutting-edge solutions that enhance the carrier billing ecosystem, learning from each other’s experience and comparing the deliverables of business strategies.  

Drive Adoption

Educate and inspire industry stakeholders to embrace carrier billing as a preferred payment method, accelerating its widespread adoption across diverse sectors. 

Enhance User Experience

Demonstrate how carrier billing simplifies and streamlines the payment process, providing customers with a frictionless, secure, and convenient way to transact. 

Expand Market Reach

Explore the untapped potential of carrier billing in emerging markets, highlighting its ability to bridge the digital divide and empower underserved populations. 

Showcase Success Stories

Share real-life case studies and success stories of businesses that have leveraged carrier billing to achieve remarkable growth and transform their customer experience. 

Address Industry Challenges

Facilitate discussions and explore solutions to common obstacles faced by carriers, regulators, and merchants, fostering a more conducive environment for carrier billing implementation.

Foster Trust and Security

Emphasize the robust security measures and consumer protection features inherent in carrier billing, building trust among consumers and encouraging wider adoption. 

Promote Financial Inclusion

Highlight the role of carrier billing in enabling financial inclusion by providing access to digital goods and services for individuals without traditional banking facilities. 

Connect Industry Experts

The event will serve as a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among industry leaders, regulators, and technology providers to foster collaboration and drive carrier billing advancements.


2022 Attendee Snapshot

2022 Attendee Snapshot

From service aggregators, digital merchants and content providers to regulators and tech providers, we're bringing together the most influential players from across the global Carrier Billing community. Our attendees and partners from UK, USA, South Africa, Belgium, Ghana, France and India learned, engaged and networked at the event in person - learn more.

Why bring carrier billing and digital wallets together?

Synergised opportunities

Combining carrier billing and e-wallets can enable users to make payments not only through their mobile network operator but also through various digital wallets, expanding the reach and convenience of mobile payments.

Holistic payment ecosystem

Attendees gain insights into different payment methods and their respective advantages, disadvantages, and use cases. It encourages collaboration between stakeholders involved in carrier billing and e-wallets, fostering a more inclusive and interconnected payment ecosystem.

Diverse audience needs

Attendees can explore different payment options and understand how carrier billing and e-wallets can complement each other in serving the needs of different user segments, markets, and industries.

Market insights and trends

Attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of mobile payments, the competitive landscape, and emerging opportunities. This knowledge enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve, identify market trends, and make strategic decisions to capitalize on evolving consumer preferences and industry dynamics.