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Wednesday 9 September 2020 | Virtual Event


Bringing leaders together to accelerate innovation, share best practise and drive positive change, Tech Week’s Global Leaders Innovation Summit unites leaders from both large enterprises and scaleups to harness complimentary skills and knowledge to unlock growth.

Through this year of disruption and change, the power of technology to drive new opportunities and empower global communities has been brought to the forefront. As the world rebuilds, the Global Leaders Innovation Summit will explore how the tech ecosystem is working together to enable new futures where tech is for everyone and impactful innovation thrives.

This Summit will bring together a leadership audience and interactive formats to collide the best in global scaleup innovation with industry giants to create a disruptive environment ripe for collaboration and exploration.This dynamic event for senior leaders will offer a 360 view on the innovation landscape, leveraging expertise from across the global ecosystem and unlocking new opportunities.


Accelerating digital transformation to thrive
Accelerating digital transformation to thrive

The pace of change in the pre-pandemic world was already fast. Now the luxury of time seems to have disappeared completely. Businesses that once mapped digital strategy in 1-3 year phases must now scale their initiatives in days or weeks… What’s your plan to accelerate digital transformation at pace? What challenges do you face and how will you overcome them to thrive in the increasingly digital world?

Leveraging the evolution of consumer behaviour
Leveraging the evolution of consumer behaviour

Covid-19 has forced us all online. The uptake of zoom went from 10m users to 300m users virtually overnight. With an increasing dependency on digital interaction via the Cloud and tech giants - Amazon, Netflix and so on – we are also seeing an acceleration of the contactless economy and transformation of legacy business models, such as telemedicine, banking and shopping. As consumer attitudes evolve with a reassessment of needs, values and priorities, how should we be re-thinking strategy to leverage the evolution of consumer behaviour? What consumer attitudes will remain into 2021 and how will they continue to evolve?

Harnessing partnerships and collaboration across the ecosystem
Harnessing partnerships and collaboration across the ecosystem

In the rush to evolve business models over the last few months, partnerships have proven vital to share risk, reward and accelerate the speed of innovation and product launches. The potential for collaboration between corporates and scaleups to benefit both sides is huge. How can we drive value through shared goals, common ground and language? What tools are needed to make partnerships really work? How are you navigating partnerships and building global relationships with scaleups, corporates and wider ecosystem players to drive impactful innovation?

Role of tech in upskilling new talent and rebuilding an inclusive world
Role of tech in upskilling new talent and rebuilding an inclusive world

Globally large swathes of the workforce have or will be displaced. What is the role of the tech industry, government and academia in pivoting the skills of those displaced? How can we ensure opportunities are open for all? Can tech drive the economic recovery of the UK and the world?

Leveraging data for the power for good
Leveraging data for the power for good

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, policymakers and scientists have leveraged the power of data to build tracking insights. As the world begins to adapt, how can we continue to drive data advantage for social impact? Managing carbon emissions; poverty; future pandemics; empowerment - what could be possible if we combined our data sources across various corners of the ecosystem? How could we overcome the challenges of open source data and partnerships? What are the tangible next steps?

Transforming your workforce in the new normal
Transforming your workforce in the new normal

Collaboration, flexibility, inclusion, accessibility and accountability have been discussed for years. How has the pandemic accelerated the ability to fully embed new values and transform your workplace culture and norms? How can we address challenges in the new normal around training, productivity loss, serendipitous interactions and sustainable working practises? How can we empower talent to join the evolution of your business?


If you're a founder, c-level executive, leader or investor from any of these industries - this event is for you! 

- Advertising and Media
- Aerospace and Defence
- Auto Banking and Financial services
- Broadcasting and Cable
- Business Services
- Conglomerate
- Consumer Goods and Retail E-commerce
- Energy and Utility
- Gaming
- Hardware and Electronics
- Insurance
- Investment Services and Banking
- Leisure
- Logistics
- Pharma and Healthcare Services
- Public Sector
- Software, Computer Services and Programming
- Telco
- Travel