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Industrial IoT World Conference & Expo 2021
September 2021

Urbanico - Booth 600


The Urban landscape is rapidly changing. Currently, over 50% of the population on the planet lives in urban area and according to the UN, by 2050 this number will increase to 70%. It's common knowledge that the challenges global urbanization brings to our cities, have to be dealt with a more holistic set of tools, coming from both public and private sector.

Unfortunately, the data, which represent the most valuable asset municipalities possess, is very messy and unstructured, thus remains awkwardly unused. Urbanico's smart-city data platform, creates a common language internally for municipalities and providing companies that operate in the urban arena with direct access to standardized civic data.

Using our NLP and ML based standardization algorithm, we take this urban data mess and putting it in order, connecting different departments internally and allowing external stakeholders from the private sector, to use it in order to provide their innovative services to the city and its residents. And essentially, that's what smart city is all about!

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