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Industrial IoT World Conference & Expo 2021
September 2021

Wherible IoT


Wherible IoT is a privately held, Roswell, GA based company incorporated in 2014. The Company is formed of industry veterans with decades of experience in embedded cellular design, GPS and the marketing of SaaS based enterprise solutions. The company’s strategic technology partners are Verizon, Sprint, Telit and STMicro.

Our business sits on the crosshairs of industrial safety, wearables, machine learning/AI, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of highly transformative solutions for connected personal safety monitoring in the industrial work site environment.

Product Information

Wherible IoT has developed an industrial personal safety solution with a proprietary wearable device that utilizes cellular communication for real time fall or “man down” detection, panic button and live GPS location services. The solution targets enterprises with employees working in potentially hazardous industrial settings such as railyards, quarries and surface mines, oil and gas facilities, law enforcement and security, construction, pulp and paper, port authorities, or any large industrial sites or distribution facilities. The WheriTrack® device is coupled with wireless service and a SaaS based user interface. The system provides the industrial enterprise the ability to monitor employee safety through live monitoring and alerting capabilities we provide such as fall detection or man-down sensing and a panic button which can be used to signal for help or status. The device also provides real time location information (or live “interval tracking”) to encourage safer employee behavior as well as improve workplace visibility and productivity. The cloud-hosted user web application provides real time alerting capabilities via SMS text, email and desktop notifications. Additionally, the web application provides real time mapping and reporting as well as historical data and visuals for event validation. The combination of our WheriTrack® device, user software and alerting functions gives our enterprise customers an easy to deploy, truly “out of the box” solution to immediately improve both their risk profile and overall operation.