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FAQs about the IoT at the Edge Digital Symposium

  • Will the presentations be live or recorded? A mixture of live, semi live (pre recorded slides and live Q&A) and on demand presentations and panels
  • Can I have video in my presentation: Yes
  • Can we have more than one chat going at a time? Yes
  • What are the best types of assets to provide for the resource center? We advise research reports, white papers, infographics, case studies.
  • Does someone need to “staff” the booth the entire day? We recommend having someone on all day with it open on a screen, but they don’t have to be on top of it all day long, we advise to prioritize the networking times and sessions.
  • What are the chat capabilities? Anyone can go to the networking tab and select who is here, from there you chat with anyone and search for attendees by name or company name. Each exhibitor also has a chat function in their booth and can conduct and assign chats to those monitoring the booth.
  • How can I network with the speakers after their sessions? Each session has a zone in the exhibit hall, and we will schedule 15 minute chats in the zone following the shared speaking sessions (Speakers will be given instructions on how to video in for these chats, attendees will be able to ask questions via the chat box.
  • How long will the virtual event be available to after the live date? The platform is accessible on demand for 365 days
  • Do sponsors get notified if someone clicks on their booth? You will receive a notification if someone initiates a private chat with them. However, anyone who enters the booth at any time is captured as a lead.
  • What are the rehearsals like for the virtual events speakers? Typically we set up time with the moderator and the sponsor speaker. We walk through the platform, discuss the overall flow and answer any questions that they may have.
  • Can a sponsor tell if anybody has interacted with their content (so that they can chat with them during the event)? Yes, in the booth set up there is a booth management function that allows that.