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Deepanjan Paul
Senior Software Engineer at PNC Bank



17 Years of Software Design and Development experience.

Worked as Development Lead for Cashier less Store at 7-Eleven.

Developed IOT enabled racks and got my patent approved (Patent No. 10621444),(Patent No. 10783762),

(Patent No. 10853663),(Patent No. 10885642) for 7-Eleven.

Developed Automated API testing Suite using Robot Framework for AT&T- US.

Developed HLR Decoder for Airtel Africa and Airtel India while working for IBM-India.

Developed A Number and B number Analysis for Airtel India while working for IBM-India.

Developed Automated GUI for Unix Based installation of RBMS for Amdocs-India.


Experience in many popular programming languages C/C++, Python. Rich experience on multiple platforms including different flavors of Linux like Red Hat, Ubuntu and Fedora. Have recent experience with MATLAB for working on thermal sensors, cloud platforms like Amazon - AWS, web frameworks like Django.

Ability to quickly ramp-up on legacy code, refactor to improve design for corrective/adaptive/perfective maintenance. Experience with Test Driven Development; experience with development of High Throughput/Low Latency/Scalable/Maintainable products with considerations about Security, Localization, Multi-platform support; Experience working with remote teams, cross functional teams, and Agile/Scrum environment.

Design/Analysis: SOLID code principles.

Languages/Libraries: C, C++14, MFC, Java, MATLAB, Python, Golang.

Cloud: Amazon AWS

Hardware: Free RTOS w STM32-F407, Raspberry Pi.

Debugging/Profiling: Low level driver debugging, memory dump analysis and assembly code tracing. User mode debugging and profiling using Visual Studio, gdb.

Protocols/Bus/Devices/Networking: TCP/IP-UDP, Ipv4/v6, WLAN, HTTP, Bluetooth.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, UNIX, Sun/Solaris/Hp-Aux/IBM, Mac.

Database: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, NETIZA and MS Access

Tools & Technologies: Kafka, Git, OpenCV, ETL, Cognos, Video MPEG, Image Processing Algorithms (Face detection, Red eye)

Recent experience


Working in the Tax Harvesting Project for PNC Bank customers. Mainly dealing with Machine Learning Models for suggesting the customer when to buy or sell the stocks.

Working in Kafka, Hadoop and python.


Worked in the R&D lab using bleeding edge technology to deliver highly scalable prototypes and applications to 711 enterprise and franchises. Work with all sorts of software and hardware, including, military-grade lidar, advanced weight sensors and pressure sensors, OpenCV, Python, Flask, Kafka and Micro-controllers.

1. Granted Patent No. 10783762 for Cashier less Store -Customer Rack for Scalable position Tracking System.

2. Granted Patent No. 10621444 for Cashier less Store - Action detection during image tracking.

3. Granted Patent No. 10853663 for Cashier less Store - Action detection during image tracking.

4. Granted Patent No. 10885642 for Cashier less Store - Scalable Position tracking systen for tracking position in large space.

5. Led the development of module to collate weight change data from IOT sensors and modify the cart data.

6. Built weight sensor program using Python and C++.

7. ETL data pipelines and data integrations through Python.

8. Used Kafka as message broker for communicating with edge devices.

9. Used OpenCv computer vision to detect humans and classify images.

10. Built Temperature Management System using C++ and Microbits.


Project: Domain 2.0

11. Domain 2.0(D2) program leverages AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC) and network virtualization to deploy product and service rapidly with extensive automation and cost optimization. ECOMP achieves AT&T a goal to increase the value of its network to customers by rapidly on-boarding new services.

12. Excel to JSON Parser for VF module.

13. Developed a parser which takes the input as Excel and generates the JSON file after applying the business logic.

14. Automated uCPE (united customer premises equipment) flows for Flexware and SD-WAN which implements RESTful API and Database operations. Wrote user libraries based on python scripts to handle I/O data flows from the Excel sheet and prepare the Json on the fly and perform the REST operations and also validating it and publishing the result.

15. Automated end-to-end flows of different VNF(Virtual Network Function) which starts from VID(GUI) uses ASDC model data, triggers MSO(Master Service Orchestrator) and flows southbound in SDNC(Software Defined Network Controller) This typically termed as VNF Orchestration flow which does the complete VNF spin-up with a group of VF modules perform distributed service.

Agenda Sessions

  • Panel: How connectivity and data processing at the Edge drives an efficient future