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08:30 08:50 (20 mins)


Chairman's Opening Remarks

08:50 09:10 (20 mins)


Utilizing data Analytics & AI strategically

  • AI’s as decision making, experienced data managers
  • Managing massive amounts of data at the edge to maximize processing at the core
  • Maintaining cloud efficiency

09:10 09:30 (20 mins)


Driving ROI through Data Analytics

  • Utilizing fully maximized data to increase income production
  • Creating opportunities for cost reduction
  • Saving time and money by crunching data more quickly

09:30 09:50 (20 mins)


Raising AI's: Educating man-made brains

  • Determining what creates AI vs a searchable database
  • What is ‘thought’ and how do we enable this in AIs?

09:50 10:10 (20 mins)


Enhancing Cyber Security with AI

  • Making the most of AI’s ability to quickly recognize and process potential risks
  • Keeping the core safe and secure – Data Analytics & AI keeping threats at the edge

10:10 10:40 (30 mins)


Panel: Uncovering the true value where IoT meets AI

  • Abilities to increase ROI
  • Enhancing Cyber Security
  • Keeping the core running smoothly and efficiently

11:30 11:40 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Chairman's Opening Remarks

11:40 12:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Case study: An effective use of Data Analytics for commercial benefit

  • Analyzing data to enable better decision-making
  • Taking advantage of data from a marketing & sales perspective
  • Creating structure to coordinate and align various aspects of an organization and fully manage data

12:00 12:40 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: A Disruptive force on business: How to revolutionize and transform analytics strategies

  • Improving quality, speed, and functionality
  • Driving top-line revenue growth
  • Centralizing the approach to capturing and analyzing data

13:40 14:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Going beyond the human creation to truly brilliant AI

  • How "Hidden Intelligence” (smarts spread out over a whole network of computers) teaches all of them 
  • Using “Analogical reasoning” and  language comprehension to determine the correct response in context 
  • Do AIs have true thought? Small, unintelligent bits of information creating an idea or response

14:00 14:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Human overseers: AI education

  • Evaluating AI’s ability to learn by trial and error
  • Decision making in unfamiliar situations
  • Creating more flexible neural networks

14:20 14:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Jumping off the algorithm - AI teaching itself

  • Making cognitive leaps: “common sense”
  • AI Neural nets examining each other and learning
  • The gap between AI and real intelligence

14:40 15:20 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: Observed behavior & security: AIs as watchdogs at the edge

  • AI learning what is ‘proper’ user behavior
  • Determining what is a potential security risk
  • Keeping breaches/risks at the edge and protecting the core

16:10 16:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Understanding the possibilities: examining data monetization through AI

  • Using AI to seek out patterns in data
  • Lifting the load – AI performing detailed analytics in a less labor-intensive fashion
  • Optimizing customer experience, data monetization, service operations, network automation, etc.
  • Opening new revenue streams by sharing insights with third parties (retailers, municipalities, etc)

16:30 16:50 (20 mins)

Main agenda

AI working across applications to enhance their strategic benefit to an enterprise

  • Leveraging dynamic learning and cloud computing capabilities in AI
  • Bridging and collating large amounts of dynamic and complex information to generate data for evaluation

16:50 17:30 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: Extracting true value from an AI-enabled Internet of Things

  • How AI is the perfect tool for sensing, comprehending, and acting
  • Using AI to take data from one connected device to another, opening up unique capacities
  • Utilizing AI to simulate intelligent behavior in connected ‘things’ to maximize the data generated by the IoT