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7:30am - 8:20am 50 mins
Main agenda
Breakfast Roundtable: As IoT is moving the focus to data usage instead of data creation, is your security ready for this new world?
  • Christopher Caen - CEO, TribalPhoto

Leading analysts and experts will  host roundtable discussions around the general state of IoT Security, where attendees can ask questions and network with fellow security professionals. Come early and join the discussion

8:30am - 8:40am 10 mins
Main agenda
Chairwoman's Opening Remarks
  • Patrice Samuels - Senior Analyst, Parks Associates
8:40am - 9:00am 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Wireless Connectivity Solutions and Challenges for Industrial IoT
  • Ramanuja Vedantham - Branch Manager, SW R&D, Texas Instruments

With the profileration of IoT applications, Wireless connectivity solutions have become prominent. Specifically, device and network security and ease of use of embedded wireless connectivity products are of paramount importance to spur and sustain the growth of Industrial IoT applications. In this talk, we highlight TI’s offering in this area, and present our viewpoints on system and software design considerations to address these challenges.

9:00am - 9:20am 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Securing IoT with a New Paradigm: Advanced Security Acceleration
  • Be Ready for Cloud, 5G and IoT with Advanced Security Acceleration 
    • Identity and Policy Control
    • Network edge services
    • Network management
    • Network Operating System
    • Software defined networking 
    • Securing Wireless switches, routers
9:20am - 9:40am 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Creating secure IoT solutions with Azure IoT
  • Arjmand Samuel - Security Lead and Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Secure IoT deployments require you to consider risk in from chip to connection to cloud. In this session, we’ll explain tools you can use to analyze your IoT security maturity, as well as the strategies you can use to harden your deployment with Azure IoT.

9:40am - 10:00am 20 mins
Main agenda
Fireside Chat: IoT Security Strategy: Aligning Cybersecurity and 3rd Party Risk Management with Traditional Business Frameworks
  • Moderator Jo Peterson - VP, Cloud Services, Clarify360
  • Adi Pradeep - Cybersecurity Analyst, Southwest Airlines
  • How to evaluate the security of IoT platforms?
  • How much security do I need and how much should I be willing to pay for it?
  • 3rd party risk management & blindspots created as a result; proactive vs reactive security
  • Use Case: Airline Industry and Aviation Security - Risk Management: Vulnerability Management in on-prem

10:00am - 11:20am 80 mins
Main agenda
Coffee Break & Expo Hall Visit
11:20am - 11:40am 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: eSIM: More than just connectivity... A roadmap to dynamic security and flexible control for connected devices
  • Salvatore Acunto - Member Representative, SIMAlliance
11:40am - 12:00pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Trust in the Internet of Things: 3rd Party Security Assessment and an Overview of Emerging Security Standards
  • Wayne Stewart - Director, Intertek
  • Observations on common weaknesses in IoT
  • Security from the ground up – from TRAs to Pen Tests
  • Overview of IoT Security Standards
12:00pm - 12:40pm 40 mins
Main agenda
Panel: IAM meets IoT - Giving People, Applications, Services, and Devices Identity
  • Moderator Christopher Caen - CEO, TribalPhoto
  • Tom Plunkett - Consulting Solutions Director, Oracle Consulting
  • Mitesh Dalal - Head of Product Management, Threat Mitigation and Application Products, Juniper Networks
  • Brian Guthrie - Identity and Access Program Manager, 7 Eleven
  • Manage your device identity and protected content
  • Overcoming challenges of implementing IAM solutions
  • Increased enterprise risks of centralized IAM
  • device identity management
12:40pm - 1:40pm 60 mins
Main agenda
Networking Lunch Break
1:40pm - 2:00pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Convergence of Cyber Risk across IT, OT, and IoT
  • Alexandra Heckler - Cyber Strategy Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

While IT, OT and connected product environments are increasingly interdependent, manufacturers have traditionally managed each separately. But cyber threat actors see it differently: your business is a single target. This attacker mindset creates a convergence of cyber risk across the manufacturing business. This session explores the emerging challenge and how high-tech manufacturers are addressing it.

2:00pm - 2:20pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Blockchain for the Internet of Things Security - Considerations for Trusted Identity and Secure Communication
  • Valmiki Mukherjee - Executive Director, EY

This Cloud Security Alliance study examines the applicability of blockchain technology to secure Internet of Things (IoT) implementations. In this Technology Assessment, essential blockchain concepts are explored in the context of IoT, including types of consensus models, smart contracts, and what aspects of blockchain technology are attractive for IoT and why. IoT-specific efforts by blockchain-focused consortiums and standards organizations are highlighted, and use cases are discussed for the applicability of blockchain technology to IoT. The study also discusses limitations that must be considered in the adoption of blockchain technology for IoT security.

2:20pm - 2:40pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Risk Management in the Aviation and Airline Industry
  • Adi Pradeep - Cybersecurity Analyst, Southwest Airlines

Adi will cover Southwest’s approach to Cybersecurity risk & vulnerability management as well as discuss the overlapping trends between the Cybersecurity, Airline, and IoT worlds and its impacts.

2:40pm - 3:40pm 60 mins
Main agenda
Coffee Break & VIP Speed Networking

Speed Networking is your opportunity to network with security professionals through a series of 1 on 1, three minute introductions. Collect business cards, make contacts, and have in the process. Located on the expo floor, this is a buzz worthy event you don't want to miss


3:40pm - 4:00pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Breaking Authentication on the Internet and Things
  • Aditya Balapure - Team Lead, Information Security, Grubhub

Authentication has been a major pillar that has determined the security health of the public web. Not surprisingly it has also been one of the most common targets of attackers and how they have grown as a community. As an industry, we have moved towards better privacy practices, encryption in transit and better authentication technologies but at the same time the attackers have constantly kept pace with these changes. In this presentation we’ll discuss how attackers have abused Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate trust and are using more distributed ways including using botnets, IoT devices and cloud servers to target web authentication.

4:00pm - 4:20pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Keeping Up With IoT Security: An Understanding of the Growth of IoT Security Market Outlook & Talent Development
  • Jim McGinnis - Assistant Professor, Herff College of Engineering at the University Memphis in Memphis TN
  • Growth of IoT Security Market: Issues and Solutions
  • The University of Memphis' perspective of raising the next generation of security engineering talent to fulfill the job market growth
  • Seeking alignment between the market growth outlook and talent development
4:20pm - 4:40pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Security in the IoT World
  • Sean Bryson - Vice President, Solutions and Innovation, Hitachi Consulting
  • Think beyond things: IoT that drives outcomes 
  • Review of the results we've achieved – in areas including cities, transport, retail, healthcare, heavy industry and energy – show how true partnerships and wider ecosystems can find new answers to extremely complex challenges.

4:40pm - 5:00pm 20 mins
Main agenda
Presentation: Hacking IRL: Live Hacking Demo!
  • Rick Ramgattie - Security Analyst, Independent Security Evaluators

Security and the Internet of Things (IoT) are commonly discussed, though rarely in a positive light. In 2018, the state of security in embedded devices appears to be a continuation of this trend, according to research performed by Independent Security Evaluators (ISE). As part of our research, we have looked at a variety of devices aimed at the professional consumer and small business market including the TerraMaster F2-420 Network Attached Storage (NAS). In the F2-420, we found several glaring vulnerabilities, including some that allow remote attackers to gain root access without any authentication. In the course of a few days, ISE obtained 24 CVEs for vulnerabilities we discovered in the TerraMaster F2-420. This presentation will cover some of the issues affecting the NAS, and provide sample attack workflows for compromising a network-accessible F2-420. More importantly, it will describe a methodology for finding vulnerabilities in embedded devices by examining all available attack surfaces

5:00pm - 6:00pm 60 mins
Main agenda
Cocktail Hour - Join us for Some Fun Networking with Security Professionals and Juniper Networks, Microsoft, TrendMicro, Intertek, Lynx Software Technologies