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Blaine Garst

Co-Founder at BlastWave


Blaine Garst elevated Bell Labs’ commercial System V UNIX product to state of the art in the 80’s. He then worked directly with Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems to unify the UNIX industry by merging its two dominant variants at the time and forming SVR4 (Solaris), which became the POSIX standard and the basis of all Open Source Unix variations (Linux, FreeBSD). He then went to NeXT and, in contrast to C++, introduced multiple inheritance of abstraction (Java’s “interfaces”) to Objective-C which has been copied into Java, C#, Ruby, Go, Swift etc. While at NeXT, he co-authored the “Foundation" starter kit for applications, which continues to form the basis for all of the application programming on all Apple devices. Immediately after the Apple acquisition of NeXT, for its OS, Blaine was put in charge of that effort. His innovations in programming fueled the rise of Apps not only at Apple but also, arguably, on Android. Since leaving Apple in 2011, Blaine has focused his attention on the fundamental issues of security and multi-core programming issues. Blaine has a BS in Economics (age 20) and MS in Computer Science (age 21) and lives in Los Altos, CA.

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