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BlastWave is creating the next wave of cybersecurity solutions from the ground up to protect our infrastructure. We combine Axiado’s proprietary chip technology with probably correct software to address all of the leading forms of hacking today applied to the industrial IoT market. There are four critical components to our solution stack: hardware, unique software, new networking protocols, and human interface technology.

Axiado’s chip has security features unavailable to Intel, Arduino, NXP, or any other hardware platform. BlastWave develops custom designed software that employs a new scripting language that eliminates buffer overflows and range errors. Our networking protocols use redundant peer-to-peer mesh networking for local reliability and use certificate-authority free tunneling to bridge gaps. Finally, our human interface technology eliminates the need for user-names and passwords, which don’t work very well today anyway. Our approach makes phishing a thing of the past. This is why, taken as a stack, the US Commander for Offensive and Defensive Cyber Warfare said, “this solution is the most secure chip, device, system and concept I have ever seen”.