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08:00 - 09:15 75 mins
Registration - Level 5
09:15 - 17:15 480 mins
Pre-Conference Workshop (Sands A 5002)
Eclipse IoT Day
  • Benjamin Cabé, Eclipse Foundation
  • Erik Boasson - Senior Technologist, ADLINK Technology
  • Oliver Meili - Head of IoT Development and Operations, Bosch Software Innovations
  • Kilton Hopkins - Co-founder and CEO, Edgeworx
  • Ian Craggs - Software Engineer, IBM
  • Erle Mantos - Senior Software Engineer, Bosch Software Innovations

The Eclipse IoT Day Singapore, taking place Sept. 18, 2018, is all about open source and open standards for building IoT solutions. Attendees will learn about the software needed to build devices, gateways, and IoT cloud platforms. Eclipse IoT Day is a 1-day event organized by the Eclipse IoT Working Group, an Eclipse Foundation initiative.

09.15 Welcome Session

9.30 Eclipse IoT - State of the Union

In this session, we will look back at the growth of the Eclipse IoT community, from just a couple open source projects in 2011, to a vibrant ecosystem of over 45 companies working on the open source technology used in some of the world’s leading IoT systems today. 

We will give an overview of the Eclipse IoT technology portfolio and see how it is being used today to solve some real business cases such as asset tracking management or industrial production performance management. 

We will conclude with a look at what’s in store for the next few months, and give some insight into the overall roadmap of the Eclipse IoT Working Group.

Benjamin Cabé, IoT Program Manager, Eclipse Foundation

10.25 Where Next for MQTT?

The OASIS standardization process for MQTT 5.0, the follow on to 3.1.1, is coming to an end. I will describe the improvements that have been made between these versions, illustrated with the implementations that already exist in the Eclipse Paho project.

I will show how you can experiment with MQTT 5.0 right now, and how it can be used in your IoT projects. I will also touch on the work we have done in Paho, and are considering in OASIS, to apply MQTT to non TCP transports, based on IBM's existing MQTT-SN specification.

Ian Craggs, Software Engineer, IBM

11.40 Open Source, IoT, and the Big Monster

 Software has been eating the world for a number of years already. Traditional manufacturing companies like Bosch are at risk of losing the competitive edge unless they find winning strategies to embark on the software journey. This talk will highlight the road Bosch has chosen in order to implement a successful IoT platform and solutions based on Eclipse IoT projects and Open Source Software.

Oliver Meili, Head of IoT Development and Operations, Bosch Software Innovations

12.30 Lunch

13.45 Full-Scale Edge Computing with Eclipse ioFog: A Case Study

Edge computing comes with unique challenges at scale. Beyond the proof-of-concept phase, it is important to address solution management, security, and data provenance.

This talk illustrates how these challenges are overcome through the use of Eclipse ioFog by walking through a real implementation with a customer.

Kilton Hopkins, Co-founder & CEO, Edgeworx

14.40 One Model to Rule Them All

One of the problems facing IoT implementers today is the plethora of platforms that they have to contend with. A device that only runs on one platform misses a lot of opportunities. 

This talk is about overcoming that problem by modeling devices in Vorto: a platform-neutral ecosystem that includes a DSL, a community for sharing models, and a facility for generating platform-specific artifacts. This talk will also give a brief tour on using Eclipse Vorto to create an IoT implementation based on open source technologies like Eclipse Paho, Hono, and Ditto.

Erle Mantos, Senior Software Engineer, Bosch Software Innovations

15.55 Eclipse Cyclone DDS: Data Sharing in the IoT Age

Making the right data available at the right time, at the right place, securely, efficiently, whilst promoting interoperability, is a key need for virtually any IoT application. After all, IoT is about leveraging access data – that used to be unavailable – in order to improve the ability to react, manage, predict and preserve a cyber-physical system.

The Data Distribution Service (DDS) is a standard for interoperable, secure, and efficient data sharing, used at the foundation of some of the most challenging Consumer and Industrial IoT applications, such as Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Grids, Smart Farming, Home Automation and Connected Medical Devices.

In this presentation we will (1) introduce the Eclipse Cyclone DDS project, (2) provide a quick intro that will get you started with Cyclone DDS, (3) present a few Cyclone DDS use cases, and (4) share the Cyclone DDS development road-map.

Erik Boasson, Senior Technologist, ADLINK Technology Inc

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