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June 2021
Virtual Event


IoT Activate

This year’s IoT Activate track takes a top-down approach to IoT implementation, tackling the most pressing strategic, operational and investment-oriented questions that surround the activation of IoT projects across the enterprise.
The core mission of this track is to cut away the complexity and perennial question marks that are associated with starting, scaling and monetising the IoT. Whilst also providing a platform for the organisations who are already demonstrating excellence in IoT, to showcase exactly how (and where) their business and technology leaders are delivering real commercial value with the IoT.

IoT Execute

The IoT Execute track is dedicated to the “doers” of IoT. From those who have just started to implement and integrate technologies across their business, to the engineers and IT leads who are already digging deep into the massive potential of IoT and connected technologies. This track will focus on the technical implementations and integration opportunities / challenges associated with developing new solutions and products across your organisation’s IT architecture and “IoT stack”. All whilst keeping one eye on the operational and commercial dividends these projects create for the rest of the business, and the other eye on making the IoT more capable, secure, and distributed.

IoT World Europe Summit's Topics Include:


Activating… The Business End of IoT (Day 1)

  • New IoT Business Models
  • Aligning Investment and Innovation Strategy
  • Opening New Revenue Streams & Enabling Growth
  • Talent and Skills – Change Management
  • Reacting to IoT Fuelled Business Intelligence
  • Creating Momentum for Change Across the Business
  • Leveraging Partnerships Efficiently
  • Adapting Business Workflows to Enable IoT
  • Innovating Around Connected Products in The Business
  • Ecosystem Management Strategies

Activating… IoT Technology Strategies ( Day 2)

  • Innovating Across the IoT Stack
  • Connectivity and Network Strategy
  • Data Orchestration for Data Monetisation
  • IoT Platform Strategy Developments
  • IoT and Blockchain
  • IT/OT Integration
  • IoT at the Edge
  • Open Sourced IoT
  • IoT Security Strategy
  • Augmented Operations – IoT and Digital Twin

Executing…. IoT Stack Integration (Day 1)

  • Mining Data from Across Devices and Sensors
  • Managing Large Scale Edge Architectures
  • Remote Monitoring and Network Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Distributed Computing
  • Interoperability Challenges
  • Security Challenges Across the Tech Stack
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Overcoming Integration Challenges
  • Middleware Management
  • Severless Scalability and Sustainable IoT

Executing… IoT Product & Solution Development (Day 2)

  • Embedded Devices
  • Intelligent Architectures
  • Designing Connected Products and Services
  • IoT Reference Architectures
  • Cross-Network Application Development
  • Building Security into Each Layer of IoT Stack
  • Intelligent Hardware
  • Connectivity considerations for IoT Architects / Developers
  • IoT Gateway Architectures
  • Developing Scalable IoT Applications