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June 2021
Virtual Event

Interview with Richard Corbridge

IoT World Europe 2016 keynote speaker Richard Corbridge says healthcare is lagging behind in terms of IoT adoption, but best practice sharing across sectors is helping the industry leap forward. 

Interview with David Holecek of Volvo Car Group

IoT World Europe 2016 speaker David Holecek says those in the automotive industry are attending IoT events to better understand the Connected Car market "not from the technical perspective, but from the human perspective".

Interview with Donal Sullivan of Johnson Controls

IoT World Europe 2016 speaker Donal Sullivan says there are new opportunities for data and economics at play in the IoT industry. In three words, Sullivan describes IoT World Europe as a "must-do event". 

Interview with Kai Brasche of IoT WoRKS

IoT World Europe 2016 speaker Kai Brasche describes his company's experience at IoT World Europe 2016.

Interview with Wojciech Martyniak of Comarch Technologies

IoT World Europe 2016 speaker Wojciech Martyniak describes the new and exciting opportunities available to telecoms players across the IoT industry.

Interview with Mimmis Cleeren of MediaTek

IoT World Europe 2016 sponsor and exhibitor Mimmis Cleeren anticipates big wireless chip sales as the IoT truly takes off next year. 

Interview with Jiang Wangcheng of Huawei

IoT World Europe 2016 keynote speaker Jiang Wangcheng talks on Huawei's IoT offering and why they chose to partner with IoT World Europe for 2016.

Interview with Beverley Briant of NHS Digital

IoT World Europe 2016 speaker Beverley Bryant explains how IoT could support the National Health Service in its time of need. 

Interview with Liat Ben-Zur of Philips

IoT World Europe 2016 speaker Liat Ben-Zur describes the new healthcare ecosystem IoT will create.

Interview with Grzegorz Wachocki of Comarch Technologies

IoT World Europe 2016 speaker Grzegorz Wachocki shares his excitement on the future of automotive IoT. 

Interview with Anders Brown of Luxoft

Anders talks with us about Luxoft's role in the IoT ecosystem and how industrial business is being transformed by IoT.

Interview with Dave McLauchlan of Buddy

Dave defines the concept of the Quantified Economy and his predictions for the future of IoT.

Interview with David Rich of Knurld

David explains what Voice Biometric is and discusses what trends he sees for IoT over the next several years.

Interview with Dennis Juul Poulsen of Spirent

Dennis explains the importance of the embedded SIM within IoT and how the Cloud provides solutions to some of the challenges IoT faces.

Interview with Dr. Robert Griffin of the Department of Homeland Security

Dr. Griffin discusses the importance of IoT and security, particularly within the context of cities and the government.

Interview with Eric Williams of Avnet

Eric gives us an overview of his background and role at Avnet, as well as insight into the role of Big Data in IoT.

Interview with Jerry Lee of Microsoft

Jerry talks about the "Internet of Your Things" and the exciting projects Microsoft is working on.

Interview with Jim Nolan of Interdigital

Jim discusses mobile and wireless standards within IoT and the concept of the "Living Network". 

Interview with Joe Murphy of UL

Joe talks to us about his role at UL and how there's room for different platforms to work together in the Connected Home.

Interview with Kumar Srivastava of BNY Mellon

Kumar talks to us about his predictions for security in the future of IoT, both the challenges and the ways we can work toward solutions. 

Interview with Letha McLaren of iControl

Letha discusses iControl's role within IoT and predictions for the future of the Smart Home. 

Interview with Manju Bansal of SAP Startup Focus

Manju explains the purpose of SAP Startup Focus and how startups can benefit. 

Interview with Mark de Clercq of Dialog Semiconductor

Mark talks about Dialog's SmartBond solution and his predictions for the future of Bluetooth within IoT. 

Interview with Martin Cotter of Analog Devices

Martin shares with us how sensors and cloud computing are adding value to the future of IoT.

Interview with Michael Orr of Sigfox

Michael talks to us about Sigfox's vision for the future of IoT.

Interview with Mike Bell of Silver Spring

Mike talks about his vision for Silver Spring and the importance of open standards based networks in IoT.

Interview with Nayaki Nayyar of SAP

Nayaki discusses the concept of "ambient intelligence" and the convergence of IoT, Machine Learning, and AI.