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8:00am - 8:40am 40 mins
Pre-Keynote Briefing: IoT in Asia - The Calm Before the Storm
  • Charles Anderson - Founder, Charles Reed Anderson & Associates

The size and scale of the IoT opportunity in Asia Pacific is staggering. Not only is it home to 4.5 Billion people, but it also has an emerging middle class of nearly 1 Billion people. Why is this important? Because it means that opportunities abound. In Asia, we are not just leveraging the latest technologies and solutions to progress the advanced markets like Japan, Korea and Singapore, we also leverage proven technologies and solutions to help countries in emerging markets digitize their society and reach their full potential.

In this presentation we:

  • examine the latest industry trends to describe both the opportunities and challenges the IoT ecosystem faces when engaging with the region’s IoT decision makers,
  • explain how new business, operational and financial models are required to drive IoT adoption, and
  • provide “best practice” examples of how innovative, cross-industry collaborations can deliver digital transformation and business value.
8:40am - 8:50am 10 mins
Chairman's Introduction
8:50am - 9:10am 20 mins
IoT in Action: De-risking IoT for Market Deployments
  • Lou Lutostanski - Vice President, IoT, Avnet

IoT enables businesses to transform, but we are still at the early stages of companies adopting IoT technology. As we start to see IoT deployed at scale, what lessons can we learn? How do we help businesses take the risk out of their IoT deployment and reap the true benefits of the technology? What is the role of the solutions provider in aligning the partner ecosystem for success in IoT?

9:10am - 9:30am 20 mins
Industrial IoT is Taking Off – IoT for the Connected Aircraft
  • Russ Benson - Vice President of IT Product Systems, Boeing
  • Aerospace has been a key early adopter market for IoT
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of integrated IoT throughout the aircraft maintenance life cycle?
  • Given the complexity of a modern aircraft and the vast amounts of data generated, what is the best analytics approach?
9:30am - 9:50am 20 mins
Effective IoT Implementation: Three Essential Considerations
  • Speaker Bernd Gross - SVP of IoT & Cloud, Software AG

IoT adoption across many industries is accelerating rapidly as companies connect and analyze the physical world to drive efficiency or offer exciting new customer experiences.

What are the keys to quick & efficient IoT deployment? How do you find the right ecosystem partners? What selection criteria should you consider? With literally hundreds of choices to make, the right choice of strategy & partners is not easy.

Here are 3 essential considerations for effectively deploying IoT:

1. Rapid deployment: quickly get to a Minimum Viable Product

2. Open & Independent: seamlessly combining your IT/OT choices

3. Security: robust, proven, carrier grade

9:50am - 10:30am 40 mins
Networking Break
10:30am - 10:50am 20 mins
Case Study: IoT Enabling Business Decisions at UPS
  • Juan Perez - Chief Information and Engineering Officer, UPS

"The exponential growth of data made possible by connected devices and the industrial Internet is creating a society that is always on and always learning. These connections are transforming entire industries as companies leverage new technologies for greater efficiency, improved service and positive environmental impact."

10:50am - 11:10am 20 mins
IoT Deployment Experiences - Learning from Real World Case Studies
  • Tony Shakib - General Manager, Internet of Things and Intelligent Cloud, Microsoft
11:10am - 11:40am 30 mins
Keynote Panel: The US Smart Cities Challenge - a Catalyst for Change?
  • Moderator Greg Kahn - President & CEO, Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC)
  • Panelist Bob Bennett - Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Panelist Maurice Henderson - Chief-of-Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives, City of Portland
  • Panelist Laura Meixell - Chief Data Officer, Assistant Director of Digital Services, City of Pittsburgh
  • Panelist Linda Gerull - CIO, Executive Director Technology Department, City and County of San Francisco

In December 2015, The US Dept of Transportation launched  the  Smart  City  Challenge,  asking  mid-sized cities across America to develop ideas for an integrated, first-of-its-kind smart transportation system that would use data, applications, and technology to help people and goods move more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently.

This unique panel brings together some of the leading finalists for the Challenge to review how the process helped the focus on the smart city opportunity, lesson learned and how rapidly they have progressed since the competition.

11:40am - 12:00pm 20 mins
Connecting the Internet of Everything at the Edge
  • Steve Szabo - Global Head of IoT, Verizon
  • The network is the key enabler for IoT and is rapidly evolving to support the growth in IoT services
  • Why is the intelligent edge so important in the development of the network, and what role does it play in enhancing network performance?
  • What is the role of LPWAN and 5G in enhancing IoT services
12:00pm - 2:00pm 120 mins
Executive Lunch Break
2:00pm - 2:30pm 30 mins
IoT vs Irma & Thomas: Real Life-Saving Lessons on how IoT aided Natural Disaster Warning & Recovery
  • Panelist Kevin Burns - Chief Information Officer from Innovation, City of Miami
  • Panelist Maksim Pecherskiy - Chief Data Officer, City of San Diego
  • Moderator Daniel Obodovski - CEO, The Silent Intelligence
  • Panelist Ilkay Altintas - Chief Data Science Officer, Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego

Global warming is causing an ever increasing regularity of natural disasters. How can IoT aid in the recovery process?

  • Leverage existing GPS stations and sensors to build early warning systems for an array of possible hazards
  • See how the role of drones and blockchain are paramount to natural disaster recovery from assessing exit routes through to deploying insurance / rebuild schemes sooner
  • Assess the relevant sensors to deploy e.g. water gauges and how open data centers  provide up to date, accurate information to locals about the rapidly changing conditions
2:30pm - 2:40pm 10 mins
Lightning Talk: Semiconductors Accelerate IoT Growth
  • Tony Keirouz - VP IoT Strategy, Ecosystem and Partnerships, ST Microelectronics
2:40pm - 2:50pm 10 mins
Lightning Talk: Driving IIoT Innovation
  • Sharelynn Moore - Senior Vice President, Networked Solutions, Itron

What do you get when you combine a world-leader in energy and water solutions with a leading provider of critical infrastructure and smart city solutions? A global leader in Industrial IoT (IIoT). During this fast-paced lightning talk, hear how Itron is driving innovation and delivering value for utilities and cities around the world with killer apps and connected streetlights on its network platforms.

2:50pm - 3:10pm 20 mins
Industry Collaboration & the Cybersecurity Framework
  • Speaker Walter Copan - Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director, NIST

Recognizing that the national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure

3:10pm - 3:40pm 30 mins
Key Challenge Panel: IoT Security in the Real World
  • Moderator Greg Kahn - President & CEO, Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC)
  • Panelist Justin Blair - Executive Director, Business Products Global Products and Solutions, Verizon

In the Key Challenge Panel series, the IoT World Keynotes discuss some of the key issues affecting the effective widespread adoption of IoT.

Building confidence in the security of IoT is whole industry challenge, and one which must be overcome for IoT to realize its full market potential

Drawing on real world experiences and examples from across the ecosystem, this panel examines how security is implemented at various levels and in a variety of services and devices to enable a robust level of confidence. 

3:40pm - 4:00pm 20 mins
Time to Connect with IoT
  • David Mayo - SVP 5G & IoT Business Chief, T-Mobile
4:00pm - 6:00pm 120 mins
Expo Opens and Pub Crawl
6:00pm - 9:00pm 180 mins
INVITE ONLY: VIP Party held at Levi's Stadium Museum