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Mark Montalban
Founder of iDEAQUEST ; Growth at Founder Institute


As a jack-of-all-trades, I have participated as a decision-maker in many roles at Founder Institute Headquarters since 2013, primarily focused on supporting the business to scale from 30 to 170+ cities. Currently, I work on advising and mentoring the top early-stage startups in the global portfolio (Angel to Series A) specializing in startup funnel hacking, email optimization, business development, partnerships, and go-to-market strategies for B2B and B2C.

As a side-hustle, I am working on my third startup idea, (wellness startup), an SMS-focused product for hyper 'plugged-in' & stressed-out perennials looking for alternative ways to manage personal wellness through daily mindfulness texts that grow with you each week. Our vision is to increase the number of positive outcomes globally, small and large, by making mindfulness and meditation concepts much more fun, accessible, and easy to realize.

I received the first ever Minor in Entrepreneurship from Santa Clara University's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship & hold a BS in Finance from SCU. I enjoy learning new skills & technologies, meditating, traveling, playing lacrosse, thinking through abstract ideas, speaking in different accents, and helping other passionate people turn their ideas into realities.

Agenda Sessions

  • Chairmen's Opening Remarks: Startup Elevate Pitchoff Competition