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Stephen Wylie
CTO at DeCypher DataLabs


Stephen Wylie is a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, Intel Software Innovator, and Amazon Certified Solutions Architect currently working on cloud-first applications of Machine Learning and distributed IoT appliances. Stephen has a broad range of interests in development, working on projects from microcontrollers to supercomputers and from PDP-11s to cloud platforms. With the advent of cheap, prolific computing enabling ground-breaking advances in deep learning algorithms, Stephen is most excited about no longer having to do tons of feature engineering to deploy a predictive machine learning model. Stephen is an Evangelist for the use of APIs from Cloud services to quickly take a swat at wrangling insight from data, but also privy to the latest techniques for making highly-performant models in Tensorflow.

Besides the passion for machine learning, Stephen has worked on IoT projects from battery monitoring systems to bone-conductive wireless speakers, and successfully kickstarted LEDgoes, a modular LED matrix product that set off waves of clones and new innovation in that space. Concerned with the creative aspect of innovation, he holds 13 patents in the areas of machine learning, augmented reality, and IoT. He has a sizable collection of retro computers and pinball machines, and even worked on connecting a pinball machine from 1971 to the cloud in order to track scores and general usage.

Agenda Sessions

  • Panel: Understanding the intricacies of AI & ML as tools for managing IoT-generated data

  • Panel: The Fast and the Curious: Smart Roads to Better, Safer IoT