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Sven Schrecker
Vice President and Chief Architect, Cyber Security at LHP Engineering Services


In his role as the Vice President and Chief Architect of Cyber Security, Sven Schrecker leads the division to address Cyber Security within the greater transportation vertical. He consults with Automotive OEMs and Tier 1/2 Suppliers to ensure Cyber Security of the vehicles and parts. He represents these companies to their supply chain, both up and down the chain, to negotiate proper cyber security solutions, roadmap, and timelines. His current industry-wide goals are to address pre-OTA Update integrity issues, legacy vehicle cyber security retrofits, and to work with standards organizations to properly define the cyber security requirements with the automotive vertical.

Previous to joining LHP, Sven was the Chief Architect for IoT Security Solutions at Intel Corp. for nearly 15 years, where he worked on internal and external programs to further the security capabilities in hardware, software, and the difficult to define grey area in between. He was responsible for open, standards-based platforms to enable end-to-end IoT security strategy across both existing (brown field) and new (green field) technologies, to demonstrably increase security focused at Embedded and Industrial deployments across all IoT verticals.

Sven was the Principal Investigator of the US Dept. of Energy CEDS research program addressing Enhanced Security in Power System Edge, leading a group of partnering industrial companies to provide continuous and autonomous reduction of cyber-attack surface for energy delivery systems. Under this CEDS program, his innovative work is deployed in facilities across the country and is been showcased in a number of industrial-related events both domestically and internationally.

Sven is also the Founding Chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Security Working Group (SWG). He attended the first meeting of the IIC in Washington DC in March 2014 and became the chair soon after. He is the primary author of the Industrial Internet Security Framework which is the seminal document that lays the foundation for security, and trustworthiness, in the Industrial Internet of Things, and is leading the team that is writing a technical paper on Automotive Trustworthiness. He Chairs the Automotive Security Task Group and co-chairs the Security Liaisons Task Group (along with the Industry 4.0 co-chair from Bosch) as well as the Security Editors Contributing Group.

Sven is the author of numerous security publications and has contributed to dozens of articles, blogs, podcasts, books and interviews. He is listed as an inventor on over four dozen security-related patents either pending or granted and was selected as at Top 50 Innovator of 2016 by Smart Industry magazine.

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  • Intelligent Transport Systems, an Industrial Internet Consortium Workshop (Location: Grand Ballroom E)


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