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AVSystem is an expert in large-scale solutions for Telco operators and enterprise markets. Initially, AVSystem focused mostly on device management for various technologies (xDSL, Cable, LTE, FTTx). As device management is a central part of today’s IoT ecosystems, AVSystem’s Coiote platform uses the company’s vast experience to provide scalable and industry-agnostic IoT environments. The Coiote IoT platform speeds up any IoT deployment with standards-based IoT device management (above all, via OMA SpecWorks’ LwM2M) as well as extensive data management.

Additionally, AVSystem’s IoT portfolio also includes Anjay - an open-source SDK that helps vendors of IoT equipment to implement support for LwM2M. Anjay perfectly complements Coiote which helps companies easily create scenarios for automated interactions between systems and devices in the Internet of Things environments.

Recognized as a global leader in the LwM2M IoT service implementations, AVSystem is an active voice and participate in the standardisation and orchestration of secure device management in the IoT world. Open-sourced LwM2M SDK is available to be downloaded at

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