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IoT World 2022
November 2-3, 2022
Austin Convention Center



Clickie is a start-up dedicated to support industrial and commercial businesses through the development of an Integrated Management System. Using IoT, Clickie measures electrical consumption temperature, air quality, vibration, people flow and many other critical variables supporting operational and financial aspects of businesses through their deep and proven knowledge of full-scale utility operations and control. Collaborates with a wide range of companies involved in diverse industries, like for example COPEC, Sitrians, Polpaico, Passivhaus, Renova, El Abrazo Vineyards and others.

Benefits of implementing Clickie’s Energy Management System:

· Advanced applications for visualization, operation and optimization of energy consumption.

· Monitoring and automatization that minimizes energetic costs, increases production and improves operational efficiency.

· Optimization, automatization and predictive maintenance for equipment.

· Strong integration with other systems.

Monitoring various facilities and utilities used inside customer plants, visualizing the state and resources usage, it supports customers' improvements towards efficient operations.

Thanks to an extensive lineup of visualization tools, analysis and alerts, it can be implemented for different and according to the needs of clients.

Find us at the event

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  • Pod 37