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IoT World 2022
September 28 - 29, 2022
Santa Clara Convention Center

Object Spectrum, LLC - Booth 1313


ObjectSpectrum, LLC
The Application Enablement Platform for Enterprise and OEM IoT Deployments

Expert professional services to rapidly deliver custom turn-key solutions, as well as support, templates, and powerful tools for your team to build and maintain your own applications.

ObjectSpectrum, based in Dallas, Texas, is primarily a software company, specifically focused on the application layer of large-scale IoT projects. Our Application Enablement Platform (AEP) consists of edge, server, and client-side components, any of which may be used independently or together to rapidly build and deploy highly customized IoT applications.

The platform is secure, scalable, reliable, and perhaps more importantly, specifically designed for rapid deployment and long-term maintainability of IoT applications. Its modular "separation of concerns" architecture leverages common and widely-used technologies, like JavaScript Microservices on the edge and server, and JSON, HTML, and SVG on the client. Combined with solid documentation, a library of quick-start templates, and world-class developer support, the result is shorter learning curves and faster time to productivity for your team.

The platform edge and server components provide a rich development environment, exposed through JavaScript Microservices. These include support for all common IoT protocols, security, authentication, encryption, object and time-series databases, device management, message queues, and real-time monitoring. Edge components can be deployed on virtually any gateway or appliance capable of running Linux. Server components can be deployed as managed cloud services (SaaS model offered as both shared tenant and private cloud) or licensed for on-premise use on your own hardware.

The platform client components run in any modern browser or as installable software, for use on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. Client development is based on a declarative model that relies on reusable composable elements rather than coding. The result is not only a rock-solid user interface that is both quick to develop and easy to maintain, but also stunning data visualizations and an intuitive end-user experience that matches your company's look and feel.

In addition to the platform software, we also offer Professional Services from both our own team of IoT experts and our network of partners that each bring their own industry and application specific knowledge to the table. These services can be applied as needed to specific portions of a project or ObjectSpectrum can take the lead and manage the entire effort.

By offering options ranging from self-service and full turn-key, ObjectSpectrum is a good fit for a wide variety of project scenarios. In fact, a common engagement model starts with a full turn-key solution by our team--for proof of concept, pilot, or full deployment--then transitions to the customer's in-house team for ongoing product enhancements and long-term maintenance.

Contact us today to discuss your IoT project. We look forward to seeing you at Booth #1338 in May!

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