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IT/Dev Connections
October 15 - 18, 2018
Fairmont DallasDallas, TX


Do you need to deliver business-actionable insights from the growing mass of data your organization now has? 

If so, you belong at IT/Dev Connections.

With 130+ sessions, you can get deep insights on how to scale, manage, secure, and monitor database resources to ensure data integrity, business functionality, and accessibility from anywhere. 

Dive deep into database technologies with us!


Getting Started with Power BI Report Server

For years, SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI lived in their own separate worlds: SSRS as an on-premises solution and Power BI in the cloud. However, with the release of Power BI Report Server, SSRS and Power BI can live happily together as an on-premises solution. In this presentation, we'll cover the basics of Power BI Report Server. We'll discuss the essential moving parts and will walk through what your organization will need to get started using this new union of Power BI and SSRS.

Meet the speaker, Tim Mitchell >> 

WORKSHOP: From Beginning to Expert SQL Programmer in One Day

What are the most problematic patterns and anti-patterns that trip up SQL Server developers on a daily basis? What sort of SQL and Transact-SQL challenges does every SQL Server developer encounter at some point in their career? Loaded with live demonstrations and useful techniques, this session will teach you how to take your SQL Server queries from the mundane to the masterful. 

Meet the speaker, Kevin Kline >> 

Deep Dive into the Features of SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 2017 is more than just a database engine. It is a new modern data platform. In this session, I will present all the unique features and capabilities that make SQL Server 2017 a modern, innovative platform for data professionals. I'll discuss and demo SQL Server on Linux and Docker Containers, Adaptive Query Processing. Automatic Tuning, new HADR and security features, graph data types, and Machine learning services with Python and Native Scoring. I'll also conclude the talk by discussing the future of SQL Server for upcoming releases. 

Meet the speaker, Bob Ward >> 

Use R to Process JSON and XML to Save your Sanity

Using packages such as xml2, jsonlite and jq, this session will showcase how you can work with XML and JSON easily. We'll also cover how you can work with data that's been stored in SQL Server so you can work with your data either from an R stand-alone instance or in a stored procedure in SQL Server. 

Meet the speaker, Steph Locke >> 

R in Power BI for Absolute Beginners

In this session, we’ll look at powerful but simple-to-use datatypes in R such as data frames. The session will also give attendees a chance to upgrade their data analysis skills by looking at R data transformation using a powerful set of tools to make things simple: the tidyverse. Then, we will look at integrating our R work into Power BI, and visualizing our data using beautiful visualizations with R and Power BI. 

Meet the speaker, Jen Stirrup >> 

Andrew Higginbotham

Principal Engineer


Speakers from all branches of the IT industry, consultants, engineers, developers, and business owners [are at IT/Dev Connections]. Each with their own experiences waiting to give candid input about the products we all work with that's not affected by the corporate messaging of the vendor.