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IT/Dev Connections
October 15 - 18, 2018
Fairmont DallasDallas, TX


Do you need insight on how to keep users and customers productive while keeping data safe? 

If so, you belong at IT/Dev Connections.

With 130+ sessions, you can get deep insights on the security topics that are most important to hybrid infrastructures, allowing security engineers to go deeper, and general administrators to develop a more well-rounded understanding of security strategies. 

Dive deep into security with us!


The Bad Guys Are Winning: Why Your Security Strategy Isn't Working

No matter how much organizations labor to secure their networks from external attacks, they are still falling victim to them via malware, vulnerabilities, phishing and social engineering. Is winning the battle a non-starter, or is your security stance simply not strong enough? In this interactive session, we will discuss the state of the security strategy (are we even trying?), the state of the threat and how to win the battle and (possibly) the war. We will also take a technical dive into threat actions. 

Meet the speaker, Nick Cavalancia >> 

Securing Office 365 with Conditional Access

In this session, we'll explore the configuration and management of Conditional Access for Office 365 and Azure. Through a combination of lectures and demos, you will learn how to protect your resources with Conditional Access. Once we have Conditional Access set up and running, we'll demonstrate the process of testing and troubleshooting user authentication to various applications and in various situations.

Meet the speaker, Nathan O'Bryan >> 

Eleventh Hour IoT Security

Despite all the hype surround the Internet of Things, IoT security has been found lacking. Many are learning of IoT deployments with only months (or weeks!) notice, and IT managers are being thrown into the deep end of IoT security. In this presentation, you’ll get to experience real-world IoT threat modeling, which organizations are using to get a handle on this brave new world of embedded devices and new protocols.

Meet the speaker, Steve Ocepek >> 

Web Application Security Tomorrow: Attacks That Will Hit You Soon

Attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) have been around for more than 10 years old, so by now everyone should know how to avoid them. But new threats are on the horizon, including version 2.0 of these old attacks albeit with increased danger, such as CSRF without user interaction or forgotten types of XSS that may endanger Angular applications. This session will not only showcase many of these new and updated threats but will also provide countermeasures. Expect surprising twists, a lot of code and a to-do list to check off once you return home from the conference. 

Meet the speaker, Christian Wenz >> 

Successfully Embedding an Effective CyberSecurity Program into Your Organization

As cybersecurity and compliance become core to successfully doing business, it is vital that your organization's cybersecurity program, processes and procedures are baked into the the DNA of the organization, and not just painted on after the fact. This requires the design and implementation of effective gates -- places in the organization's workflow where cybersecurity is implemented and validated before work moves on. In this session, we will be reviewing what these gates look like for an organization that implements B2B and B2C applications in the public or private cloud, and how they can be made an organic part of the organization. 

Meet the speaker, Andrew Baker >> 

Denny Cherry

I love attending because of the breadth of technologies which are covered at this event. If there are sessions on SQL Server, or PowerShell, or Azure that I want to attend, these are all available to me - in 1 single event.