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London Tech Week - Fringe Event Packages
13th - 17th June 2022
Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London



BRINK INSTITUTE is dedicated to fostering and facilitating curated conversations with the makers, doers & disrupters who are shaping our future.

We exist to facilitate open dialogue between seemingly disparate verticals within the science and technology arenas, and to include within those conversations angel and venture capital, press and media, with the goal of enabling innovation and collaboration between synergistic elements. BRINK endeavors to examine emerging technology and its creators/inventors/pioneers on a global scale and to explore the promise and peril of these advances and their impact on humanity in an attitude of open-source and open-mindedness in order to know more and to in turn better our collective future. The tools we create today, the applications we develop and the intelligence we invent are literally the building blocks of tomorrow. What kind of future will we create? And will we create it thoughtfully, intentionally and mindfully or will we defer to create by default? BRINK events provide a means to open doors, nurture relationships, spark innovation and creative partnerships and find resources and support for ongoing or start up work being done by all manner of professionals and students in the widest possible variety of tech-centric verticals, all in an open and synergistic environment.

Our goals are simple - to support creative collaboration, to drive impactful initiatives and experiences, and to give each voice weight in conversations that can make a profound difference in the manner in which we move forward as a species. Why Should You Be Part of BRINK? If you are active in the tech arena, whether as a developer of new technology, a researcher dedicated to finding new solutions to today’s problems or building sustainability into existing successful technologies and industries, or a student, consumer, end user or simply a citizen of the planet, you’ll find important information, amazing opportunities, and like-minded people determined to be aware of and to influence those aspects of our future that matter most to each.