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March - May 2019


Back & event better for 2019: The word's largest virtual event dedicated to digital transformation & disruptive technologies

The London Tech Week & TechXLR8 Digital Series puts you in front of the leaders and innovators transforming the way we live and work. With an expanded series on webinars, downloadable resources & on-demand video interviews with the global tech scene’s most prominent thought-leaders, the Digital Series explores the topics, challenges & opportunities shaping enterprise tech in 2019 and beyond.

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As the largest online event of its kind, the Digital Series is an unrivaled opportunity to engage with a global audience, through a number of webinar and branding opportunities, over the course of the 3-month digital summit.

What you can expect from the 2019 Digital Series



21 March 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Creating Digital Leaders: Skills for the Next Generation

In this webinar, we explore the cost of the skills gap & the impact of automation and AI in  the era of Industry 4.0. Join us as we uncover practical strategies for educating to fill the gap.


  • How is the digital skills gap affecting organisations now?
  • What are the essential elements of digital literacy for a modern workforce?
  • How will automation and AI impact the workforce and the skills they need?


  • Adam Micklethwaite - Director of Digital Inclusion at Good Things Foundation 
  • Sarah Atkinson - Chair, Diversity & Skills Council at TechUK 
  • Simon Leeming - Head of the Digital Skills Partnership at Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport 
28 March 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Virtual & Augmented Reality for Future First-Responders

See how the development of enterprise-focused virtual, mixed and augmented reality is being used to benefit first-responders, both at the scene and in the office.


  • Overcoming the business risks: how to minimise the financial risks to justify their investment in the technology
  • What needs to happen so the monetary and mission-critical value of immersive investment is recognised


  • Paul Speight - Watch Manger at Leicestershire Fire & Rescue 
1 April 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Moving From Pilot to Scale in the Smart City

In this webinar, Kim Brostrøm, CTO of DOLL Living Lab in Denmark, talks to Signify about what cities can do to begin scaling the whole range of smart city capabilities in order to realize the enormous potential that smart initiatives offer today.


  • How cities can best organize the way they collect, handle, share and analyze data.
  • How to make the most of public/private partnerships to overcome funding and procurement challenges.
  • What cities can do to begin scaling the whole range of smart city capabilities?


  • Kim Brostrøm - CTO of DOLL Living Lab in Denmark and GATE21
  • Jonathan Weinert - Editorial Lead at Signify 
4 April 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Driving the Future of Work

Who really owns the future of work? Find out in this webinar which is dedicated to  helping you build your strategy with employees in mind - empowering lasting change.


  • Who is responsible for driving the future of work?
  • How can we adopt a more inclusive bottom up approach to corporate change & develop employees as change agents?
  • How can organisations use their data effectively to improve retention, engagement and satisfaction?
  • Can technology alone improve work culture?


  • Melissa Sabella - CEO at The Honeycomb Works
  • Kelly Hartman - Chief People Officer at Flywire 
  • Laura Wilkinson - Head of People at Verv 
  • Patrick Caldwell - Head of People at FundApps 
  • Sharon O'Dea - Co-founder, Lithos Partners
11 April 2019 (12 noon GMT)

The Future Command & Control Room

Learn how future behaviours, challenges and technologies will impact the nerve centres of businesses and emergency services across the globe.


  • How emerging IT-based technologies are being applied to current control rooms and the benefits they bring
  • Managing the risk – how to balance and analyse the investment risk against the potential benefits
  • Overcoming people and technical challenges to optimise emerging technology in the control room


  • Bernard Rix, Publisher, Policing Insight
  • Andrew White, Assistant Chief Officer, Lincolnshire Police
  • Yann Marston, Strategic Sales Director, Motorola Solutions

18 April 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Designing Tech with People in Mind

This webinar focuses on inclusive innovation, ensuring tech initiatives match what people need, and the key role of design in tech plays here.


  • What does inclusive innovation mean to you?
  • Is the role of design in tech given enough emphasis?
  • What practical steps do we need to take to ensure tech initiatives are led by customer need?


  • Kim Atherton - Chief People Officer at OVO Energy 
  • Jess Butcher - Co-founder at Tick 
  • Steve Tyler - Director, Assistive Technology at Leonard Cheshire 
  • Devyani Vaishampayan, Managing Partner, at HR Tech Partnership
25 April 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Responsible AI for Enterprise

Learn how your business can build an ethical framework for responsible AI and unlock the full potential of AI and Machine learning to transform your enterprise.


  • The need for an ethical approach to AI in business
  • The damaging consequences that bad ethics can have on a business
  • How to remain ethical and responsible when implementing AI
  • How to build a new ethical framework & how responsible AI can unlock new opportunities for your business


  • Aditya Kaul - Research Director, Tractica
  • Udai Chilamkurthi - Lead Architect, Retail & Logistics, Sainsbury's
  • Ivana Bartoletti - Founder, Women in AI Network & Head of Privacy & Data Protection, Gemserv
2 May 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Blockchain in Action: Use Cases Driving Business Value Now

Explore what blockchain can do for your business now, with real examples of blockchain generating ROI for companies. Discover how common challenges can be overcome and the variety of ways in which blockchain can be used in your business today.


  • Explaining how blockchain can affect current industries such as finance, real estate, retail, healthcare and others
  • The factors and principles that govern the planning, organizing, and managing of a blockchain-based venture


  • Alex Nascimento, Faculty Marketing & Blockchain UCLA EXT & Co-Founder at UCLA Blockchain Lab
9 May 2019 (12 noon GMT)

Drones and UAVs in Emergency Response

Find out how drones are being applied to emergency situations to aid decision-making and response of first-responders.

16 May 2019 (12 noon GMT)

IoT & Subscription Business Models

In this webinar we will be answering: 

  • What is an IoT subscription model?
  • What are the benefits of using an IoT subscription model? 
  • What are the challenges and opportunities faced by using this model? 
  • What do subscription models mean for IoT buyers? 


  • Kimberly Clavin VP of Engineering at Loop by Pillar, Part of Accenture's Industry X.0

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