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09:00 12:30 (210 mins)

Main agenda

ETSI MEC Workshop

Since the last MEC Congress, the ETSI MEC ISG has completed its first 2-year cycle of work and has effectively delivered on its Phase 1 commitments. We’ve also set an ambitious agenda for our next cycle, prosaically named “Phase 2.” This goes beyond just an expansion in scope, which is designed to reflect the rapid expansion of interest in edge computing beyond just the mobile industry. Our goals for Phase 2 include an ambitious push towards breaking the boundaries that impede the growth of the edge computing market. These include the boundaries between mobile and other types of access; between standards specification and adoption of standards by the various industry standards; between the “paper” specifications and implementation of these in open SW; and, ultimately, between the vendors and operators who deliver the edge clouds and the application developers who represent our user community.

In this tutorial, we will attempt to address all of these efforts in just a half-day. You will get an up-to-date status on completed specifications, which aspects of the overall edge system they address and where you can find the relevant APIs – as a specification document but also implemented as an OpenApi repository. We will cover our plans for Phase 2 and address some of the use-cases we are in the process of considering. We will also address the work we are doing with our partners in other standards organization and industry representation bodies to deliver to the world a complete picture – or rather complete, use-case adapted pictures – of edge cloud-based solutions that are enabled by the ETSI MEC specifications. Last, but certainly not least, we will present some good example of edge compute implementation – both with traditional PoCs and also through open SW efforts.

Led By:  Members of ETSI MEC

12:30 14:00 (90 mins)

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Lunch Break

14:00 17:30 (210 mins)

Main agenda

OpenFog Consortium Workshop - Fog Computing in a MEC Environment - an Introductory Workshop

Fog Computing in a MEC Environment - an Introductory Workshop

Like mobile edge computing, fog computing & networking operates at the edge of networks to allow content, services and applications to be computed, resulting in faster response times.  In addition to enabling 5G applications, fog also enables the Internet of Things (IoT), embedded artificial intelligence, the tactile Internet and other scenarios where latency and network bandwidth are critical.  The fog computing architecture supports compute, control, networking and storage at the edge and supports all access modes from 5G cellular networks to DSL to Ethernet.  This session will provide an overview and introduction of fog computing and discuss the role of fog computing in MEC environments.

 I.             Introduction to fog computing and its role in mobile edge computing  

II.            Overview of the OpenFog Reference Architecture  

III.           Fog applications and use cases

IV.          Panel discussion with audience Q&A


Led By:  Members of the OpenFog Consortium