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08:50 - 09:00 10 mins
Chair's Opening Remarks
  • Iain Gillott - President, iGR
09:00 - 09:30 30 mins
Accelerating Service Innovation at the Edge
  • Speaker Satyen Yadav - General Manager, IoT Edge & Device Services, Amazon Web Services
  • Understand the complexity of end-to-end service deployment
  • Review service innovations relevant to Edge Computing
  • Review AWS Greengrass service and its consistent application and security models from edge to cloud
  • Understand what it will take to accelerate service deployment at the Edge
09:30 - 09:55 25 mins
MEC@CloudEdge: Building the Edge Network Everywhere
  • Speaker Jason Dai - Vice President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, Huawei
  • Understanding the driving forces for MEC
  • Newest updates from the MEC@CloudEdge project
  • Business cases based MEC@CloudEdge
  • MEC joint innovation and market update
09:55 - 10:30 35 mins
Panel Discussion: Comparing Different Edge Computing Development Strategies from ETSI MEC, OpenFog, Open Edge, MESH, CORD, M-CORD
  • Panellist Renaud Di Francesco - Director Europe Technology Standards Office, Sony
  • Panellist Steve Vandris - Board Director OpenFog Consortium and Director of IOT and 5G Solutions in the Datacenter Network Solutions Group of Intel, OpenFog Consortium
  • Panellist Aseem Parikh - VP of Solutions and Partnerships, Open Networking Foundation (ONF)
  • Panellist Alex Reznik - ETSI MEC Chair, ETSI
  • Panellist Tomasz Gerszberg - Senior Vice President Business Operations, Product Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
  • Analysing the differences between the technologies and associations working in edge computing
  • The importance of standards of edge computing
  • Which standard will emerge as the dominant standard for edge computing?
  • Where does MEC end and Fog begin? Analysing key differences and similarities
  • Partnerships: working together towards a shared goal
  • Which association’s work relates most closely to my business?
10:45 - 11:55 70 mins
Main agenda
Morning Break and Speed Networking
11:55 - 12:15 20 mins
Main agenda
Edge Computing: Pushing the frontier of computing applications
  • Speaker Mark Gallagher - Director 5G Solutions, Intel Corporation
  • New functionalities: What will the edge enable?
  • How will the edge drive new revenues for telcos and enterprises?
  • What new services will be the first the benefit from MEC?
  • Who are the biggest players driving the edge computing revolution?
12:15 - 12:35 20 mins
Main agenda
Edge Computing: Automotive Use Cases and Requirements
  • Ryokichi Onishi - Group Leader - Network Group, Technical Research Division 1, Toyota InfoTechnology Center
  • Vision: Connected Intelligence

  • Issue: Capacity and Scalability

  •  Solution: Edge Computing

  • Approach: Community

12:35 - 12:55 20 mins
Main agenda
ETSI Update: Mobile Edge to Multi-Access Edge – Driving the MEC Standard Forwards!
  • Alex Reznik - ETSI MEC Chair, ETSI
  • Understanding key developments in from the last 12 months of ETSI MEC ISG
  • Role of open and available code and what ETSI MEC ISG is doing about it
  • Important partnerships that accelerate Edge computing development
  • Future timelines – what’s coming next? 
12:55 - 13:55 60 mins
Main agenda
13:55 - 14:55 60 mins
Main agenda
Chair's Opening Remarks
  • Iain Gillott - President, iGR
14:00 - 14:20 20 mins
Main agenda
Where is the Edge of the Network?
  • Speaker Guy Davies - Senior Consulting Engineer Specialist, Juniper Networks
  • Where in the network should MEC servers sit? At the extreme edge? In the devices or closer to the core?
  • Balancing quality of service delivered with cost efficiencies
  • How close to the user can we place edge servers?
  • Application architecture: applications that run across both the edge server and the core network

14:20 - 14:40 20 mins
Main agenda
Creating Low Latency Applications via Edge Compute
  • Ayan Ghosh - Collaborative Trials Principal, BT Research and Innovation Lab
  • What are the key telco applications enabled by MEC?
  • EE’s PoC and trials examined!
  • Creating a network for drones – using edge compute
  • MEC as a stepping stone to 5G
14:40 - 15:10 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel Discussion: What Role will MEC play in 5G?
  • Panellist Kashif Mahmood, - Research Scientis, Telenor Norge AS
  • Panellist Moshe Shimon - VP Product Management, ECI Telecom
  • Panellist Rui Frazao - CTO, Vasona
  • Chair Nurit Sprecher - Ex-Chair of the MEC ISG, ETSI
  • Integrating edge computing into 5G network architecture
  • Network slicing, carrier aggregation and other advanced 5G technologies – how will they interact with MEC
  • Is MEC necessary for 5G?
  • What other technologies provide the same benefits as MEC?

Moderator: Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili Consulting

Dario Sabella, ISG secretary and Lead of industry Group Relationship, ETSI MEC Kashif Mahmood, Research Scientist, Telenor Norge AS

Rui Luís Aguiar, Head of Networks and Multimedia, Instituto de Telecomunicações IEEE

15:10 - 15:30 20 mins
Main agenda
Dynamically Slice Your Network and Monetize with APIs
  • Speaker Ilhan Bagoren - CEO, Telenity
15:30 - 16:00 30 mins
Main agenda
Afternoon Refreshment Break
16:00 - 16:30 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel Discussion: Understanding the Relationship Between MEC, NFV and SDN?
  • Moderator Alberto Diez - Principal Consultant, Mobile Plots
  • Panellist Simone Mangiante - Research and Standards, Specialist,, Research and Standards, Specialist, Vodafone
  • Panellist Guy Davies - Senior Consulting Engineer Specialist, Juniper Networks
  • Panellist Miltiades Filippou - Standards and Research Engineer, Intel
  • How does edge computing integrate with NFV and SDN?
  • What will be the benefits of running MEC alongside a virtualised network?
  • The development of end- to-end platforms and solutions?
  • How ETSI MEC integrates with ETSI NFV ISG? How are the two standards evolving together?
16:30 - 16:50 20 mins
Main agenda
The Business Opportunity for IoT on MEC - AWS GreenGrass Case Study
  • Tally Netzer - Marketing Director, Saguna
  • Why IoT services need the Edge
  • A new IoT revenue stream with AWS GreenGrass on MEC
  • How MNOs can take part in the Cloud Computing value chain
16:50 - 17:10 20 mins
Main agenda
Atlice Labs Present: MEC developments towards a full MEC environment
  • Carlos Parada - Senior Researcher and Consultant, Altice Labs
  • Developing a fulling functioning edge computing solution
  • Implementation of the ME platform and the ME management and orchestration layer
  • Results of MEC Proof of Concepts (in partnership of third parties)

17:10 - 17:30 20 mins
Main agenda
Why Has Edge Computing Not (as yet) Lived Up to its Hype?
  • Farid Singh - Outgoing TIP Edge Computing Co-Chair, TIP Project
  • How has the operator business model changed?
  • Analysing the use cases that have been successful
  • Finding collaborative opportunities – VR&AR provider, Video content providers
  • If not edge compute, what will we use?
13:55 - 14:00 5 mins
Main agenda
Chair's Opening Remarks
  • Chair Julian Bright - Senior Analyst, Intelligent Networks, Ovum
14:00 - 14:20 20 mins
Main agenda
OpenFog Update: Fog computing to solve advanced IoT deployment challenges
  • Speaker Angelo Corsaro - CTO of ADLINK/PrismTech and member of OpenFog Consortium, OpenFog Consortium
  • Understanding the need for Fog computing: Limitations of the cloud only model
  • How Fog computing enables improved latency, bandwidth, reliability and security
  • Fog computing and MIST computing
  • The aims of our Fog computing framework
14:20 - 14:50 30 mins
Main agenda
Panel Discussion: How Can We Encourage More Enterprises to Engage in the Edge Computing Ecosystem?
  • Panellist Marco Silva - Research and Standards, Specialist, Vodafone
  • Panellist Adi Hirschtein - Director of Product Management, iguazio
  • Panellist Dario Sabella - ISG secretary and Lead of industry Group Relationship, ETSI MEC
  • Panellist Andy Jones - Member, Telecom Infra Project
  • Are we promoting the value of edge computing well enough?
  • How can we reach more potential enterprise partners?
  • Which industries are demonstrating the most interest in the edge?
  • What is the untapped market potential of edge computing?

14:50 - 15:10 20 mins
Main agenda
Case Study: How feasible is MEC for industrial applications?
  • Speaker Dr Ing. Oleksandr Artemenko - Research Engineer, Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering, Robert Bosch GmbH
  • MEC in industrial use cases incl. autonomous transportation systems and augmented reality
  • Main requirements of industrial applications on MEC
  • Industry relevant aspects of MEC and identified challenges
  • Experimental evaluation results
15:10 - 15:30 20 mins
Main agenda
What it takes to apply and manage your AI & Machine Learning on the Edge
  • Speaker Nir Peled - VP of Product and Strategy, ParallelM
15:30 - 16:00 30 mins
Main agenda
Afternoon Refreshment Break
16:00 - 16:30 30 mins
Main agenda
Using the Edge to Drive Progression in Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Masahiro Yoshida - Research Engineer, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
  • Connected car case studies/trials that harness the power of edge computing
  • Which connected/autonomous vehicle applications will rely on the edge?
  • Car safety features enabled by edge computing
  • Is the edge the right choice for mobility applications?
16:30 - 16:40 10 mins
Main agenda
Edge/Fog Computing for Industrial IoT
  • Martin Thunman - CEO & co-founder, Crosser Technologies
  • Key Edge Computing use cases for the early movers in IIoT, real life examples

  • The huge challenge for Edge Computing in Industry 4.0 factory situations

  • A start-up’s perspective on Open vs Packaged solutions

  • The role of Operators in Edge for Enterprise – in the eyes of the Enterprise

16:40 - 17:00 20 mins
Main agenda
Factory Automation via the Edge
  • Torsten Musiol - Founder & CEO, MECSware
  • Forming a closed network in factories by routing to an edge server
  • Increasing automation by capitalising on the low latency, high capacity the edge provides
  • What new applications/robotics can the edge bring to life?
  • What does this mean for security, accuracy and the company’s bottom line?
17:00 - 17:20 20 mins
Main agenda
Connected Equipment and Predictive Maintenance via the Edge
  • Kalman Tiboldi - Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH Group
  • Intelligent fleet management: process optimisation and asset tracking
  • Predictive maintenance and the associated cost savings
  • The technology behind these innovations
  • What next? Bringing processing power closer to the user – today!

17:30 - 18:00 30 mins
Main agenda
The Edge Awards
  • Judge Andy Jones - Managing Director, Jonesthefone Consulting
  • Judge Monica Paolini - President, Senza Fili Consulting
  • Judge Alberto Diez - Principal Consultant, Mobile Plots
  • Judge Iain Gillott - President, iGR

The Edge Awards! Join us to celebrate to most impressive developments and most innovative individuals driving edge computing development forwards! Submit your entries by the 18/08/2017 online!

  • Biggest Contribution to R&D
  • Best Edge Computing Technology
  • Most Promising MEC Trial/PoC
  • Most Successful MEC Partnership
  • Best Commercial Deployment of MEC
  • The Operator Award for MEC Development (Operators only)
  • Biggest Individual Contribution to MEC Development (free to enter)


  • Andy Jones, Managing Director, Jonesthefone Consulting 
  • Alberto Diez, Principal Consultant, Mobile Plots
  • Monica Paolini, Principal, Senza Fili Consulting
18:00 - 22:00 240 mins
Main agenda

18:00 MECtoberfest Party! Even though this year’s show is in Berlin, The MEC Congress’ Oktoberfest remains! And will be back bigger and better than ever! So make sure you pack your Lederhosen!