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MVNOs reports, news and stories

The home of the latest updates, news stories, articles and reports focused on Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and the wider telecoms industry.

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Shaping the European MVNO Market | 2018 Report

With mobile ownership having sat close to saturation point for a decade or more, vertical growth has become harder and harder, sparking fierce price wars and waves of consolidation. This report offers an in-depth snapshot of the European MVNO market in 2018, future prospects and market trends; including consolidation, partnerships, VAS & diversification. You will also find out more about the impact of Roam Like At Home and EU Regulation on MVNOs.


Q&A with Federico Homberg, Deutsche Telekom

Head of Business Development for Commercial Roaming at Deutsche Telekom, Federico Homberg talks innovation, growth areas and how telco operators should respond to the fast-progressing digitalisation and expansion of OTT services.

Q&A with Nicholas Constantinopoulos, FreedomPop

Nicholas Constantinopoulos shares what has impacted his business the most, why Operator’s DNA doesn’t include innovation and the whether the current non-traditional telco players entering the market are a threat or an opportunity.

Q&A with Hakan Demir, Fenercell

In this interview Hakan shares his views on the current state of the MVNOs market, the key trends and challenges shaping the industry and where he sees new opportunities for MVNOs.


Interview with Benjamin Grim, Mobilcom Debitel

"Looking at the conference here (MVNOs World Congress 2018), and also at what we are looking at right now, for sure IoT/M2M is a business that MVNOs are looking at and trying to get in. eSIM is a technology that is enabling us to get in, or enabling a new business model and new digital business models. That could be, even for MVNOs, a big thing. Usually network operators are not as agile as MVNOs, so thinking about a full digital proposition, MVNOs could have a chance to use the eSIM to do a real online sale."


We explore what digitalisation and virtualization mean to the mobile industry. Discover how digitalisation is creating brand new modes of operation and business models for mobile operators. And, learn how network virtualization is shifting the paradigm in terms of what mobile can deliver and achieve. This reports also contains insights on going over the top (OTT) and adding value with service innovation, new horizons in customer experience, service personalization and differentiation.

MVNOs Series Speaker Interviews

Q&A Interview with Renato Andrade Reis, Acqua Telecom

We caught up with Renato Reis to discuss the recent developments, opportunities and trends across the Asia Pacific region. Renato talks about the latest projects he’s been working on, the potential impact of technology on the MVNO sector; including Fintech and Blockchain, and his expectations when it comes to 5G.

Q&A with Matt Jones, OVO

To offer a more in depth look and explore the opportunities in OTT, we spoke with Matt Jones, CEO at OVO. In this interview we discuss how OTT is impacting MVNOs, whether telcos should invest in content production or focus on partnerships with content providers, and OVO’s approach to unique content.

Q&A with Whitey Bluestein, Bluestein & Associates

Whitey shares his views on the state of the MVNO market in the US, the growth areas for Wholesalers and the implications of IoT/M2M on the MVNO space. Read the interview to discover Whitey’s comments on these topics and many more.


Shaping the Global MVNO Market | 2018 Report

An exclusive report which combines the findings from the survey we conducted earlier this year with the opinion and insights from a range of industry figures - including operators, MVNOs, service and solution providers, consultants, analysts, and many others from across the globe. The result is an authoritative account of how the MVNO market is continuing to evolve across different regions, and where those best placed to know expect it to head next.

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