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For the most part, Internet Content Providers (ICPs) can build global systems to connect their ever-growing network of data centers without issue. 

However, in the very high bandwidth data centre interconnect portion of the market, ICPs are pushing Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to construct dark fibre-based networks when dark fibre is available. 

The result? Increasing pressures for CSPs to sell ICPs dark fibre, the 'crown jewels' of their networks, or face a difficult ultimatum. 

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Convergence, Density and the Search for Capacity - Interview

Catch our interview with Roshene McCool, Market and Technology Development Manager at Corning.

"So, I think the 3 key trends I've noticed are convergence, density and the search for capacity by all available means. Convergence, simply put, is anything that needs to be connected to the network is connected to the same network. That means that not only do we have this proliferation of endpoints but we also have a more complex set of things being connected to the network. That is driving fibre closer to the subscriber, it's increasing density and increasing the number of endpoints - especially in our towns and cities. Finally, the search for capacity by all available means - whether that's by using a larger number of fibres, denser cables, higher bandwidths or searching for higher spectrally efficient fibres."

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Step Into the light

Optical transport networks will play a vital role in supporting the visions of network operators in the cloud and 5G era. This report, by Adrian Pennington, looks at how they must evolve in terms of technology capabilities and open architecture.

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Data Center Optics at the Heart of the Hyperdata World

Data Center Optics at the Heart of the Hyperdata World

In 'Data Center Optics at the Heart of the Hyperdata World', EXFO explores how the exponential growth of the information generated, transported and processed by data center interconnections in the upcoming years will continue to dramatically change the market in ways never seen before.

The whitepaper also covers:

  • Data center technology requirements
  • Data center transceivers
  • User scenarios
  • When and where iOptics should be used
  • What does the iOptics solution validate

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Encryption Solution | An Advanced Cryptography Engine

The rate of data transfer between any two points on the network continues to grow without restraint. With service providers capable of pushing more bits farther on the network than ever before, more opportunity there is for the data to be subject to unlawful intercept, with more data being accessible at any point.

To address this issue, the European Union (EU) has developed the GDPR. EKINOPS encryption solution is an advanced cryptography engine that uses field-proven, industry standard methods. The EKINOPS PM CRYPTO module uses the strongest AES-GCM 256 based encryption to provide the highest level of security from end-to-end.

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Network Optimization in the 600G Era

With the rise of the likes of cloud-based applications, data center interconnections and video streaming, to name a few, bandwidth demand from consumer and enterprise applications continues to grow. 

The question therefore remains: how do operators plan a network to maximize capacity and reach, in order to supply the bandwidth necessary? 

As Acacia discuss in this whitepaper, the answer lies in a multi-faceted approach. Introducing the AC1200 coherent module, they examine how operators can harness this coherent solution in order to achieve high-performance and high-flexibility, and improve efficiency and maximize capacity utilization whilst reducing network costs.

Download Acacia's whitepaper here
Elastic Open Optical Line System: Enabling Disaggregated Optical Transport

The goal of disaggregated optical networks is to spur price competition and facilitate optimized performance for varied optical transport applications. In this report, The Elastic Network examine how to create a powerful and economical disaggregated multivendor optical network, by harnessing the power of their solution. 

Download ECI's whitepaper here
Ciena: The Future of Coherent Optical Networking

Over the past decade, network providers have been using coherent technology to increase traffic-carrying capacity by orders of magnitude over existing fiber assets. The migration to cloud, the popularity of OTT content, 5G, and an increasing dependency on on-demand, low-latency connectivity have led to an inflection point where network providers are now evaluating innovative approaches to elevate their customers’ experiences.

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5G Ethernet X-Haul

In this whitepaper, Transpacket explores the concept of Ethernet X-Haul. Discussed extensively in  the mobile industry in connection with 5G, the idea is to have an Ethernet based converged transport network serving multiple purposes including fronthaul and backhaul. The whitepaper presents the RAN architectures under consideration for 5G, and their consequences in terms of requirements for the transport network.

Download Transpacket' whitepaper here
Micro OTN in Network Modernization

SM-Optics' whitepaper explores how network modernization is an investment that results in a twofold solution. The first being the complete decommissioning of SDH; removing this layer to achieve flattening of the infrastructure, massive Opex cost reduction and simplification of network and service set up.

Download SM-Optics' whitepaper here
Cube Optics

The HUBER+SUHNER CUBO mini 100G ODD is the first device to take advantage of the wide variety of 100G QSFP28 transceivers covering different distances up to 25km. And it has two QSFP28 slots implementing a layer 1 optical conversion between the two slots. This approach not only makes the setup simple “plug & play” but also enables full transparency of all higher levels at the lowest possible latency. The CUBO mini 100G ODD also supports OTU4 as well as 40G.

Download Huber + Suhner's whitepaper here
Micromux and Teraflex

Traffic growth and the move towards cloud-based services are driving the need for more capacity and speed in today’s data centre interconnect networks. ICPs and CNPs need to rapidly scale their DCI networks while retaining simplicity and meeting evolving density and power requirements. If you’re exploring opportunities to balance your current needs with future demand, ADVA’s whitepaper have the answers you might be looking for.

Download ADVA’s whitepaper here
Solving the 5G Network Connectivity Challenge

5G is set to change networking as we know it. Still, it presents mobile network operators with a one in a generation opportunity and the potential to support a wide range of services. In ‘Solving the 5G Network Connectivity Challenge’, ECI explores the seven key areas that MNOs need to focus on to evolve the traditional mobile backhaul network into a 5G connectivity fabric, the challenges they present and what can be done to overcome them. Are you also excited about the opportunities 5G presents MNOs? Would you like to learn more about 5G?

Download ECI Telecom’s whitepaper here
TXF Optical Fiber Featuring Ultra-Low-Loss and Large Effective Area for Extended Reach

Corning's latest optical fiber innovation, TXF optical fiber is a G.654.E compliant product featuring ultra-low-loss and large effective area. The fiber is designed to extend reach in long-haul networks, and is of particular value to network operators planning to increase capacity by upgrading to data rates beyond 100Gb/s.

Download Corning's whitepaper here

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