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North Africa Com
11 - 12 July 2023
Live Event

11 - 12 July 2023
Live Event

Changing Lives Award

This award is all about impact, we are looking to give recognition to the change-makers in the industry that are connecting and creating opportunities for the communities and societies in which they operate.

2022 Award Finalists


Founded in 2015 by couple Syrine Chaalala and Mohamed Gastli, nextProtein was launched to help tackle land and resource scarcity using insect protein as feedstock.

Like most start-ups, nextProtein began in a garage back in 2014. It was born from the personal and professional ambitions of its founders, who were searching for solutions to change agricultural food production while being able to work and live together. Syrine, an Emergency Operations Specialist at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, and Mohamed, a Grammy-nominated chemical engineer, identified that they could combine organic cycles of nature with the scalable efficiency of technology, to produce an alternative to wasteful and unsustainable agricultural systems.

The catalyst was Syrine’s experience working in some of the world’s poorest nations combined with Mohamed’s entrepreneurial ambitions.

Panda Kit

We Are Aphaneen, an education technology company that specializes in creating technology-based solutions to solve, mitigate and improve on problems in the educational process. We started doing so through our first solution, Panda Kit (previously school connect), Panda kit is a technical educational eco-system that has three main parts, the first part is Panda Tende a parents app that improves and fixes the existing gap in the communication process between parents and schools through a comprehensive and easy to use application that contains all of the student‘s data and generated analytics which provides further insights, the second part is Panda Kanri a school administration system that streamlines all school procedures on all aspects (financial - managerial - administration - etc..) through transforming all of the tedious paper-based procedures into user-friendly interfaces in our web-based solution for schools, and the last part is Panda XIAO, an e-learning platform for students to use in parallel with their traditional routine.

Orange Energie

Committed to providing access to energy for many years, Orange has chosen to contribute to the challenge of electrifying Africa in countries within its footprint. Our customers need a consistent and reliable energy experience. That is why Orange provides a Solar Home System associated with an energy ecosystem that combines the world's most efficient LED lights and appliances to optimize the energy output from our solar panels. 

The solar kits that Orange is distributing can light up a whole house, charge the household’s mobile phones, and power a radio, or even a television or a fan. Quick and easy to set up, all is required is to install a solar panel on the roof and a control unit in the house. This allows us to provide dependable energy services each and every day. Users also benefit from a full guarantee from Orange, which covers the entire installation, maintenance and repairs, in conjunction with technical partners. Customers pay upfront and monthly fees through Orange mobile money using a dedicated USSD menu.  

DabaDoc, an internet company, has a mission of improving access to healthcare in Africa. set out to democratize access to healthcare with its practice management solution and disruptive online booking technology in several countries in the continent; it is now rapidly changing the regional healthcare landscape with its telemedicine services. 

It is a leading partner of healthcare constituencies (health professionals, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies…) in its markets which has allowed it to meaningfully improve the healthcare journey of millions of patients.