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As the world continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, commitment to fast-paced digital transformation is more important than ever. Technological investment and innovation will be at the heart of North Africa’s economic recovery and rebuilding efforts. Access free blogs, videos, news and analysis on North Africa's tech and telecommunications industries. Brought to you by the producers of AfricaCom. In partnership with Connecting Africa.

Interview with Malik Melamu, CEO MTN Sudan

"I think what happens in our industry often is that everything is driven from a technical perspective. So we're rushing down this road to develop new things - more efficient technology, technology that can do more, is more powerful, that is faster, greater quality. 
But I think one of the challenges in the emerging markets is that you can get so highly strung on that, that you leave people behind. And you forget about the basic steps that people need to be able to follow, to become part of that. 
So sometimes just for someone to be able to make a voice call in our markets is still revolutionary for some people."

Creating a level playing field for women in technology

When it comes to the role of African women in the world of technology, there are few countries where women are as strongly represented as Tunisia. Great focus was put on education for girls and boys in the country and this has been advantageous. Across Tunisia and the MEA, many women hold important positions in the technology sector.

“COVID-19 has brought challenges that telcos in the Middle East and Africa have turned in to growth opportunities.”

Srushti Ghisad, Research Manager, Middle East and Africa, Omdia our Official Research Partner

Telecom Egypt to launch new African subsea cable

Telecom Egypt has announced it will roll out a new subsea cable system around Africa by 2023, called Hybrid African Ring Path (HARP). "Highly reliable terrestrial routes will connect the landing points within South Africa, Europe, and Egypt, forming a complete ring around the continent. The HARP system will leverage its diverse and resilient subsea segments to branch out to multiple potential landing points," the company said. 

Sharm El Sheikh, located at the southern tip of Sinai, will serve as a new landing point and will be connected to coastal cities on the Gulf of Suez, forming a hybrid terrestrial and subsea fiber connectivity solution between landing points in Egypt.


COVID-19 has further accelerated the growth in fixed broadband subscriptions in Egypt. Mobile internet subscriptions have seen growth from 36.89 million at end 2Q19 to 41.79 in 2Q20, a growth of 2.7% QoQ and 13.3% YoY. This is an extract of Connecting The Continent: The Network Service Provider Outlook for 5 African Countries.

Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sudan launched their first satellites in 2020

The latest African Space Industry Annual Report from Space in Africa shows that despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, African countries are investing more in space and satellite technologies. We caught up with Temidayo Oniosun, the founder and managing director of Space in Africa to find out what this could mean for the continent.

Improving SMEs’ performance - the Moroccan business environment

SMEs in Morocco are facing many barriers such as poor financial management, significant lack of managerial and professional skills and lack of financial resources. These obstacles have direct consequences on SMEs’ performance, their growth and indirectly have many socio-economic consequences on the labour market and country’s economy. This paper shares the process followed to design an adapted solution to transform SMEs’ current situation considering the specificities of their context. Published online: 30 Oct 2020