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08:00 09:00 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Registration and coffee

09:00 09:10 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Conference Opening

09:10 09:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Keynote: Transforming communication services into the digital age

  • What defines success in business transformation: Finding the balance between preserving the life-stream from legacy business while creating disruption to endeavour new business opportunities
  • Navigating through this task given the complicated Telco environment and business models
  • Opportunities for new communication services and business models

09:30 09:50 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Reinventing a Telco to benefit from the disruptive technology developments

  • How should a Telco change its interaction with customers and its portfolio
  • What is the overall architecture which will enable this change?
  • Helping customers to migrate to the digital world
  • The hardest part: a new way of working and company culture is required
  • Remco Helwerda - Innovation Strategy Consultant, KPN

09:50 10:20 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: What could be done to strengthen the position of operators in the emerging value chains?

  • Discussing strategies for operators depending on the market
  • How can innovations in technology help drive the strategy evolution for telecom operators?
  • Making a decision in terms of globalisation vs. localisation, competition vs. cooperation with other operators, providing services vs. access, expand the business to other areas or staying a pure telco
  • How can service delivery innovations strengthen the position of telcos?

10:20 10:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Case study from Vodafone: Developing new digital channels and real-time personalised offers

  • How we successfully integrated in-app, cloud-based push notifications at Vodafone
  • How we collected device customer experience in big data back-ends to personalize and launch offers in real-time
  • Overview of our results as a customer experience success case in the digital domain
  • Angel Cachon - Global Head of Digital Products & Services, Vodafone Group

10:40 11:10 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: How to launch new services faster, make them scalable and successful with the help of cloud?

  • The key requirements to launch new services faster via cloud
  • How can communications service providers make services more scalable?
  • The role of cloud APIs in service delivery innovation
  • Examples of new digital services that succeeded and those that failed – How to ensure you deliver what the customers want?
  • Perspectives from traditional and innovative players in the market
  • How to ensure a seamless evolution from current to future networks and services delivery?

11:10 11:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

How to deploy customer-centric services

11:30 12:20 (50 mins)

Main agenda

Networking break, with speed networking

12:20 12:50 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: How can telcos acquire new customers on the digital stage?

  • Examples of channels and methods to acquire new customers – What has worked and what hasn’t?
  • What can telcos learn from other industries with regards to reaching new customers?
  • Overview of advertising and communications innovations in the digital world which telcos can easily implement
  • Targeting various groups of customers – Examples
  • How can telcos overcome the hurdles in acquiring new customers by partnering with innovative companies?
  • Anna Kovalenko - EMEA Lead for Audience solutions, Google
  • Oluwaseyi Dairo - Enterprise Solutions, CRM and Billing Portfolio and Release Management, Bharti Airtel, Nigeria and Africa

12:50 13:10 (20 mins)

Main agenda

What are the pillars of differentiation for telcos in digital services delivery?

  • The relevance of convergence technologies: Development of open source solutions for platform agnostic interoperability and quick monetization of services
  • Cost optimization techniques: Embracing solutions optimized for low CAPEX and OPEX, cloud infrastructure propositions while managing regulatory requirements
  • Social and individual services: Creating services that cater to specific needs of subscribers up to the minute, after having collected their social habits through social interactions
  • Monetization of subscriber footprints and creating new ventures through diversification and forward integration
  • Oluwaseyi Dairo - Enterprise Solutions, CRM and Billing Portfolio and Release Management, Bharti Airtel, Nigeria and Africa

13:10 14:30 (80 mins)

Main agenda

Networking lunch

14:10 15:00 (50 mins)

Main agenda

Panel: The evolution of service delivery and innovation with AI

  • Overview of AI in a service delivery sense
  • How to integrate AI into services such as TV, video, chatbots, but also new, innovative services?
  • Change in the interface with user interaction – How does this affect service delivery?
  • AI use cases for telco operators and enterprises

15:00 15:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Case study: VR calling

15:20 15:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Developing and monetising video services

  • Examples of innovating with development of video services for telco operators and enterprises
  • Monetisation of video with content strategies, mobile optimisation and on-demand options
  • Case studies

15:40 16:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Opportunities for telcos in financial services – How telcos can deliver a better banking experience through synergy

16:00 16:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

Afternoon Break

16:30 17:20 (50 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: Service delivery evolution in a 5G, cloud-native environment - Opportunities for telcos in financial services – How telcos can deliver a better banking experience through synergy

  • How will services be different in a cloud-native environment?
  • Ensuring a seamless evolution of networks and services delivery
  • How to achieve maximum customer experience in future networks and services
  • Discussing the reliability of services today vs. tomorrow – What’s necessary for a seamless evolution to a new world of communications?
  • How far will service evolve with AI and VR?
  • Which services will become obsolete with 5G?

17:20 17:30 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Overview and closing remarks from the Conference Chair

17:30 18:30 (60 mins)

Main agenda