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Silicon Valley AgTech Conference

Event Highlights

2018 AgTech Investment Outlook

Jonathan Bae (moderator) Managing Partner, Threshold Ventures 

Joe Blair Vice President, Obvious Ventures 

Baptiste Tellier Senior Vice President, Fall Line Capital 

Roger Wyse Managing Partner, Spruce Capital 

Fang Yuan Vice President, Baidu Ventures 

Connie Bowen Program Manager, The Yield Lab 

Björn Heinz Investment Manager, BASF Venture Capital

Can Agriculture Save the Planet

A look back at Jack Bobo, SVP Global Policy and Government Affairs, Intrexon session at the 2018 Silicon Valley AgTech Conference. 

One of the great challenges that confront all of us in the next 30 years is to figure out how to maximize the production of food while minimizing the negative consequences of agriculture -- from polluted waterways to disappearing rainforests. Science and technology may hold the key to addressing many of the world's biggest problems but only if scientific breakthroughs make it to fields and the grocery store shelves. This presentation will examine global trends in food and agriculture, the interplay between science and public perception of risk, and how scientists and agriculture companies build trust to navigate these trends.

Deep Learning How Agriculture will Evolve with Machine Learning

John Matthesen (Moderator) Founder, Related Concepts 

Adrian Ferrero CEO & Founder, Biome Makers 

Brian Curtis CEO & Founder, Cocentric Power 

Max Bruner CEO & Founder, Mavrx 

Sebastien Boyer CEO, Farmwise

Cecilia Chi-Ham

Silicon Valley Agtech Conference 2018

Jack Bobo

Silicon Valley Agtech Conference 2018

Danielle Davenport

Silicon Valley Agtech Conference 2018

James Mann

Silicon Valley Agtech Conference 2018

Jaleh Daie

Silicon Valley Agtech Conference 2018

Jonathan Baer

Silicon Valley AgTech Conference 2018