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7:45 am 8:30 am (45 mins)

Main agenda

Analysts Breakfast Briefings

Berge Ayvazian, Industry Analyst and Consultant, Wireless 20/20 - Smart Cities and Outdoor Mobile Network Densification

Melanie Nutter, Principal, Nutter Consulting - How can public private partnerships and collaboration be most effective to advance smart city projects?

Paris Burstyn, Technology Industry Analyst/Writer - Opportunities for Retail IoT

  • Berge Ayvazian - Industry Analyst and Consultant, Wireless 20/20
  • Melanie Nutter - Principal, Nutter Consulting
  • H. Paris Burstyn - Technology Industry Analyst/Writer, Independent

8:45 am 9 am (15 mins)

Main agenda

Chairman's Welcoming Remarks

9 am 9:20 am (20 mins)

Main agenda

The Connected Community: delivering on the promise of the digital world

  • Leveraging latest technologies to enable the next generation of smarter cities
  • Verizon’s partnership with the city of Boston to drive economic growth and create a smarter, more connected city
  • Speaker Bob Mudge - Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Verizon Wireless

9:20 am 9:40 am (20 mins)

Main agenda

Case Study: Uniting Public and Private Sectors to deliver safer, more Intelligent cities

  • Speaker Dr. Reginald Brothers - Under Secretary for Science and Technology , U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

9:40 am 10:30 am (50 mins)

Main agenda

City CIO Leaders Panel: What does the Smart City look like and who’s going to pay for it?

  • Tackling the challenges facing policymakers as existing standards and regulations need to be adapted to allow for innovation
  • Overcoming obstacles of implementation with a new approach to Smart City developments from the Top Down  
  • Bringing together the public and private sectors to fully leverage and reach the true potential from IoT technologies
  • What does the business model look like?
  • “Coopetition” in Smart Cities: How effective are incentives in driving innovation?
  • Panelist Jascha Franklin-Hodge - CIO, City of Boston
  • Panelist Miguel Gamino - CTO, City of New York
  • Panelist Bob Bennett - CIO, City of Kansas City, Missouri
  • Panelist Lani Ingram - Vice President, Smart Communities, Verizon
  • Panelist John Horn - CEO, Ingenu
  • Moderator Chris Rezendes - Founder/President, INEX ADVISORS LLC

10:30 am 11:20 am (50 mins)

Main agenda

Speed Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit

11:20 am 11:40 am (20 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Key technologies shaping the smart cities landscape

  • How autonomous driving and V2X initiatives will affect all aspects of city planning --- from road infrastructures to radio frequency planning and drive-time policies for fleets delivering consumer goods
  • How the amount of data collected through pervasive connectivity, IoT and sensor fusion needs to be balanced to benefit city planning and services with privacy initiatives
  • How virtual reality and intelligence assistants will affect the way people enjoy a city and how virtual tourism can be brought into the mix of generating local revenue
  • Speaker Andrew Till - Vice President, Technology, Partnerships & New Solutions, HARMAN

11:40 am 12 pm (20 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Delivering Innovative Technology Solution for Smart City Contextual Awareness Applications

Analog Devices has developed multiple generations of technology, components, and module level solutions for the Smart City market segment aimed at enabling an enriched user experience for both municipalities and individual citizens. The presentation will introduce a number of examples of these products and discuss the multi-faceted journey and challenges of bringing core and module technologies from the level of underlying solution element to tangible system deployments which deliver the next generation of value realization for system integrators and end consumers.

  • Aaron D’Orlando - Director of Industrial Sensing (IDS) Business Unit, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)

12 pm 12:40 pm (40 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Panel: Looking Inward, Leveraging Big Data, Open Data & Analytics

  • Offering personalized, improved services to citizens through more accurate data visualization

  • How can a city leverage Open Data?

  • Turning data into insights and growth

  • Open Data Deployment. How do you choose a solution that best maps to your strategy?

  • Improving city services and transportation real time with data

  • What are the limitations to what a Smart City is?

  • Moderator Omer Tene - Vice President of Research and Education, International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • Panelist Bhagvan Kommadi - CEO, Architect Corner
  • Moderator Lynne Canavan - Executive Director, OpenFog Consortium
  • Panelist Gregory Cerallo - President & Co-Founder, Sidekick Interactive
  • Panelist Franck Carassus - Co-Founder and COO, OpenDataSoft
  • Panelist Susan Zielinski - Managing Director, SMART, University of Michigan

11:20 am 11:40 am (20 mins)

Municipal Management

Highlighting the US's Vision Zero Successes and Best Practice

  • Speaker Steve Smiley - Executive Director of Technology, Smart Communities , Verizon

11:40 am 12 pm (20 mins)

Municipal Management

New Modes of Transport for Personal Urban Mobility

  • Discussing the fundamental problem with current urban mobility and the limitations of the car when it comes to personal mobility needs
  • An insight into the 'Copenhagen Wheel' : How does this relate to the current mobility trends
  • Smart Bike Demo 
  • Speaker Assaf Biderman - Associate Director of Senseable Cities Lab, MIT

12 pm 12:40 pm (40 mins)

Municipal Management

Panel: Transforming Transportation and Mobility with the Connected City

  • Highlighting key use cases based on real-world examples
  • Improvements in Bus and Rail Networks
  • Leveraging data to foresee and prevent failure/fatalities
  • Tackling urban  congestion & parking
  • Examining the key learnings from Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, etc
  • How close are we to autonomous transportation
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Panelist Paul Comfort - CEO, Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
  • Panelist Kevin Heaslip - Ph.D, PE, Assiciate Professor, Transportation Infrastructure & Systems Engineering, Team Leader for Resilience, National Capital Region Research Team
  • Panelist Mohammad Poorsartep - Advanced Engineering Manager, Valeo Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems
  • Panelist Jeffrey S. Grunfeld - Chief Information Officer, Taxi & Limousine Commission, City of New York
  • Moderator Melanie Nutter - Principal, Nutter Consulting

12:40 pm 1:40 pm (60 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Lunch

1:40 pm 2 pm (20 mins)

Municipal Management

Case Study: Showcasing the City of Atlanta’s Smart City Innovations

  • Enabling a smarter city with a fibre network
  • Highlighting Mobility, Sustainability and Public Safety Projects
  • Securing and justifying public sector spending
  • Effective partnership models: How to make it work?
  • Speaker Torri Martin - Director, SMARTATL, City of Atlanta

2:10 pm 2:40 pm (30 mins)

Municipal Management

Transport as the backbone of Smart Cities

Unprecedented urban growth is producing a variety of social and economic challenges. The United Nations predicts that, by 2050, roughly 70 percent of the world’s population will live in city environments, and that means significant changes in the way we live, work, and move around. It also places pressure on the environment, and underscores the need for sustainable economic growth.

At NXP Semiconductors, we see urbanization as part of several larger, already established trends, including green concepts that enhance the quality of life, and infrastructure improvements that reduce congestion and air pollution. Technology-driven initiatives in these areas have already had a beneficial impact on urban environments, and we think technology will only become more important as urban populations continue to grow.

More recently, secure contactless ticketing, made possible by technologies such as NXP’s MIFARE and Near Field Communication (NFC), has enhanced public transport by providing fast, seamless access, especially during rush hours. As an added benefit, smart contactless ticketing has also gained recognition for the ways it lowers operating costs, fosters good will, and creates loyalty – among citizens and tourists alike.

Now, with MIFARE and NFC available on smartphones and other smart devices (cards and wearables), what began as a way to automate ticketing for mass transit becomes the backbone for a smart city. Expanding beyond the installed base of mass transit, MIFARE and NFC provide flexible basis for secure transactions in micropayment, hospitality access, loyalty, leisure, and more. Moreover, multi-application platforms allow new opportunities and business models by linking these different services to a more and more data centric systems following the life journey of the end-customer.

  • Speaker Alexander Dimitrov - Segment Marketing Manager Smart City, NXP

2:40 pm 3:10 pm (30 mins)

Municipal Management

Panel: Building Safer Cities by revolutionizing Public Safety

  • Transforming Public Safety with IoT
  • How can police, fire etc use data to offer safer environments?
  • Moderator Dr. Dominie Garcia - Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Panelist Ruthbea Clarke - Director of the Smart Cities Strategies Program, IDC Government Insights
  • Panelist YiDing Yu - Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Twiage
  • Panelist Charles Brennan - Chief Information Officer, The City of Philadelphia
  • Panelist Aaron D’Orlando - Director of Industrial Sensing (IDS) Business Unit, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)

1:40 pm 2:20 pm (40 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Fostering a Culture of City Data to Drive Smart City Development

As the smart cities agenda and definitional work moves away from a singular focus on ICT to a broader citizen focus on city services and quality of life, the importance of standardized data has never been greater. Data is quickly becoming the universal language of smart city building. The Toronto-based World Coucil on City Data (WCCD) is leading the global roll-out of ISO 37120 - the first international standard for sustainable cities, and is currently leading the development of ISO 37122 - the complementary standard particularly focusing on smart cities. The discussants will speak to the importance of standardized data to build the smart, sustainable, resilient, prosperous and inclusive cities of the future

  • Panelist Alvaro de Castro e Lima - Director of Research, The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA)
  • Moderator Dr. Patricia McCarney - President and CEO, Director , The World Council on City Data and Global Cities Institute, University of Toronto

2:20 pm 2:40 pm (20 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Enhancing Mobility and Ease of Use through the latest app technology

  • Integrating app technology with existing transit systems
  • Partnering with local transportation authorities
  • Working with the latest new technologies and innovations
  • Speaker Doug Kaufman - CEO, TransLoc
  • Speaker Jeff Mann - General Manager, GoTriangle

2:40 pm 3:10 pm (30 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Panel: Effectively scaling cities while maintaining reliability and interoperability of the connectivity infrastructure

  • Comparing the capabilities of Wi-Fi, 5G networks, LPWAN, millimetre waves, fibre optics, etc
  • Is the cellular network the key to IoT?
  • Finding an alternative to Wi-Fi - addressing bandwidth availability, reliability issues and high cost
  • Network boosters – regulation and effectiveness
  • Maximizing data value by ensuring IoT systems work
  • LPWA: What are the benefits and limitations for cities?
  • Futureproofing: Merging “legacy” protocols with the new generation of inexpensive, connected sensors using modern protocols and technology
  • Panelist Steve Smiley - Executive Director of Technology, Smart Communities , Verizon
  • Panelist Kevin Robinson - Vice President of Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance
  • Panelist Nadine Manjaro - Representative, OneM2M
  • Moderator Berge Ayvazian - Industry Analyst and Consultant, Wireless 20/20
  • Panelist Joshua Breitbart - Senior Advisor for Broadband, Office of the Mayor of New York City

3:10 pm 4 pm (50 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Break

4 pm 4:30 pm (30 mins)

Municipal Management

How Big Data and IoT can revolutionize the postal service

  • Equipping the postal networking with sensors to collect data
  • Leveraging this actionable data and deriving valuable insights through analytics
  • Panelist Kristin Seaver - CIO and Executive Vice President, United States Postal Service
  • Panelist Jessica Raines - Public Policy Analyst, USPS OIG
  • Panelist Christoph Mertz - Principal Project Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute
  • Panelist Hae Young Noh - Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

4:30 pm 4:50 pm (20 mins)

Municipal Management

Empowering Citizens with improved, more efficient and personalized services

  • Kate Garman - Innovation Analyst, City of Kansas City, Missouri

4:50 pm 5:20 pm (30 mins)

Municipal Management

Panel: Improving Public Services and ease of use for Citizens

  • Tailoring public services to increase resource efficiency
  • Empowering Citizens
  • Meeting demands of an aging population
  • Combining & utilizing the increasing data to optimize the delivery of public services
  • Moderator Chelsea Collier - Founder, Editor-At-Large, Digi.City, Smart City Connect
  • Panelist Anya Babbitt - Founder & CEO, SPLT
  • Panelist Lauren Riga - Acting Administrator - Redevelopment, Cityof Indianapolis, Associate Faculty Member, IUPUI School for Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Panelist Gordon Feller - Co-Founder, Meeting of the Minds
  • Panelist Doug Hausladen - Director of the Transportation, Traffic & Parking (TT&P) Department, The City of New Haven
  • Panelist Joe Ryan - Vice President, Advanced Technology, Bigbelly, Inc.

4:20 pm 4:40 pm (20 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Understanding City Security threats and potential Risks

  • As more and more city services become connected, what poses the biggest threats?
  • Gary Hayslip - Chief Information Security Officer, City of San Diego

4:40 pm 5:20 pm (40 mins)

Leveraging Technology

Panel: Creating a Safe and Secure Smart City

IoT Security Threats and Trends

  • Using the correct metrics: annual security expenditures, challenges in regard to complexity, protocol standardization, & encryption
  • effective security measures for securing IoT environments against insider and external hacks
  • critical Iot Security priorities
  • Understanding the security threats across infrastructure, transport, public services, enterprise …
  • Promoting the benefits of introducing security early into the development lifecycle of a project or plan
  • Building partnerships between cities, providers and the security community
  • Who is responsible for creating standards and regulations to help solve cybersecurity across all areas related to smart cities?
  • Data Privacy Implication
  • Panelist Gary Hayslip - Chief Information Security Officer, City of San Diego
  • Panelist Elliot Katz - Global Co-Chair , DLA Piper's Connected and Self-Driving Car Practice
  • Panelist Christopher Walcutt - Business Development Principal - Security, Risk & Resilience , Black & Veatch Management Consulting
  • Panelist Masoud Ghandehari - Associate Professor of Urban Engineering, New York University
  • Panelist Paul Roberts - Founder and Editor in Chief, The Security Ledger
  • Panelist Matthew Coles - Senior Product Security Engineer , Analog Devices

5:20 pm 6:20 pm (60 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Drinks Reception