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Oct 17
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8:30am - 8:40am 10 mins
Chairman's Opening
  • Chairman Elliot Katz - Chair, Connected and Automated Vehicle Practice, McGuireWoods
8:40am - 8:55am 15 mins
City of Miami Case Study: Coupling Resilience & Technology
  • Speaker Kevin Burns - Chief Information Officer, City of Miami

As Miami progresses through designing and defining it’s Smart Cities policies and procedures and level of maturity we were targeted with a potential real world natural disaster, Hurricane Irma. Luckily, we were spared from a direct impact as the hurricane drifted west during the mid-day of Friday September 8th and eventually making land fall later that weekend.  It still had a significant impact on South Florida and we were able to incorporate GIS assets to assist in data collection. 

9:00am - 9:20am 20 mins
Data marketplaces – enabling integrated operations, efficient use of infrastructure, and improved quality of life
  • Speaker Jim Nolan - EVP, Chordant, an InterDigital Business

One of the key benefits and objectives of smart city deployments is to reduce costs for governments, citizens and enterprises. One way to save money is to utilize scalable, interoperable, and vendor-agnostic platforms for all smart city solutions and exploresynergies across and between verticals to maximize efficiencies on a wider scale. Government authorities and private enterprises can also monetize their high-value data. This is exemplified in the new trend of bringing together ecosystem players and tech suppliersin dedicated marketplaces. Chordant, an InterDigital IoT Business, has been working towards these goals with oneTRANSPORT – a UK transport data marketplace.

9:20am - 9:40am 20 mins
City of Atlanta Case Study: Building A Smart City
  • Speaker Samir Saini - Chief Information/Digital Officer, City of Atlanta

Technology impacts every person on the planet and will continue to influence how city leaders best serve residents, visitors and businesses. Atlanta CIO Samir Saini will take you through the journey of building SMARTATL and how Midtown’s smart corridor is setting the stage in this region. His team recognizes the importance of smart cities in driving progressive change and is working to develop a strategy to support the smart city vision. Join Saini as he shares how IoT, big-data analytics, machine learning and AI provide the city with the ability to improve, find patterns and affect key outcomes.

9:40am - 10:00am 20 mins
VMWare: Creating Intelligent Cities with IoT
  • Speaker Greg Bollella - CTO, Internet of Things, VMware
10:00am - 10:30am 30 mins
Panel: Meeting the needs and demands for the future of Urban Mobility & Transportation
  • Panelist Tracey Zhen - President, Zipcar
  • Panelist Mark De La Vergne - Chief of Mobility Innovation, City of Detroit
  • Moderator Elliot Katz - Chair, Connected and Automated Vehicle Practice, McGuireWoods
  • Panelist Tom McKone - Chief Administrative Officer, Chicago Transit Authority

Exploring autonomous vehicles and self driving cars

- Sustainable solutions to increase efficiency for transportation

- Creating the right mobility services

11:30am - 11:40am 10 mins
Track: Transportation
Chairman’s Opening
  • Chairman Sam Abuelsamid - Senior Analyst, Navigant Research
11:40am - 12:00pm 20 mins
Track: Transportation
Smart Transportation Is the Foundation of Any Smart City
  • Speaker Laetitia Gazel Anthoine - Founder and CEO, Connecthings

Reduced pollution levels, improved energy conservation, downtown economic revitalization, an end to traffic congestion,and faster emergency response are among the many potential benefits the smart city offers to residents, business, and tourists. However, that promise will go unfulfilled if government officials do not first address the limitations of their aging, inefficientmass transit systems. This presentation by Connecthings Founder & CEO Laetitia Gazel Anthoine will examine why smart transportation isthe foundation of any smart city development plans. Smarter transit means the more efficient movement of residents and visitors who are better informed and connected in real-time to businesses, government agencies, school districts, etc. Connecthings has helped cities of all sizes around the world build smart transportation infrastructures. Laetitiawill be able to provide Smart Cities Summit attendees with advice they can incorporate into their own smart city development plans. The guidance she will impart will be vendor- and product-neutral, and not serve to promote Connecthings or its private and publicsector partners.

12:00pm - 12:40pm 40 mins
Track: Transportation
Panel: Leveraging technology to improve quality of life of citizens
  • Panelist Nicole Raimundo - Chief Information Officer, Town of Cary, NC
  • Panelist Colin O'Donnell - Chief Innovation Officer, Intersection
  • Moderator Michael Render - CEO, RVA LLC Market Research
  • Panelist David Lu - Co-Founder & CEO, Clarity Movement Co.
  • Panelist Dominie Garcia, PhD - Smart Cities Program Lead, Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Safety and health, overcoming air pollution
  •  Creating a secure and resilient city

  •  Creating citizen community and involvement with IoT

  •  Co-creating an open data portal with our local Code for America Brigade

  • Amazon Echo(Alexa) skill for information

  • Text311 to open a case at our dog parks, splash pad at a park, etc…·      

  • Simulated Smart Campus 

  • Field workers – with technology for better response time.  

12:40pm - 1:40pm 60 mins
Main agenda
Networking Lunch
1:40pm - 2:00pm 20 mins
Track: Transportation
The End of Car Ownership: How Lyft will use on-demand, automated vehicles to make you abandon your car in the next five years
  • Speaker Jon Walker - Transportation Policy Manager, Lyft
  • Exploring personal vehicle ownership
  • Ridesharing and shared vehicles
2:00pm - 2:20pm 20 mins
Track: Transportation
Data-driven Smart City Insights: Urban Analytics and Actionable Intelligence for Digital Cities
  • Speaker Jean Pilon-Bignell - Manager, Strategic Market Development, Geotab

With the advancements of next-gen wireless communications, cities can now realize the full benefits of IoT technologies. Leveraging one of the world's largest telematics-based data-sets, Geotab's dynamic-insights and urban-analytics can be used to drastically improve city-wide safety and efficiency.

2:20pm - 2:40pm 20 mins
Track: Transportation
Chicago Transit Authority Case Study: Public Transportation’s Role as a Core Asset
  • Speaker Tom McKone - Chief Administrative Officer, Chicago Transit Authority
  • How the Chicago enhances efficiency and sustainability with public transportation
  • Optimizing public transportation as part of a Smart City
  • Evolution and opportunities facing public transit
2:40pm - 3:20pm 40 mins
Track: Transportation
Panel: Revolutionizing the shared economy and Mobility as a Service
  • Panelist Sai Yagnyamurthy - Director of Global Strategy, Ford Motor Company
  • Moderator Melanie Nutter - Principal, Nutter Consulting
  • Panelist Dan Galves - Senior VP and Chief Communications Officer, Mobileye
  • Panelist Rahul Kumar - VP of Revenue, TransLoc
  • Exploring “Mobility as a Service” and the power of apps  
11:40am - 12:00pm 20 mins
Ecosystem Center Stage - Free to attend
Chairman's Opening Remarks
  • Moderator Brian Buntz - Content Director, IoT Institute, Penton
12:00pm - 12:40pm 40 mins
Ecosystem Center Stage - Free to attend
What’s Next For The IIoT and Supply Chain Connectivity
  • Moderator Chuck Sabin - Senior Director, Business Strategy & Planning, Bluetooth SIG
  • Panelist Kamran Shah - Director of Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs
  • Panelist Peter Wildhorn - Managing Director, Smart & Green

The Industrial Internet of Things is creating an entirely new era of manufacturing and supply chain management, with endless possibilities for increased efficiency, greater asset control, and autonomous shipping. Enabling this new era requires flexible connectivity and the ability to deliver multiple solutions and new services from a robust connectivity technology. But so far, issues of interoperability, scalability, and reliability have stopped IIoT technology from reaching its true potential.

In this talk, the Bluetooth SIG along with industry leaders like Silicon Labs and Smart & Green will discuss and answer questions, in a fireside chat format, about the many connectivity models required for the IIoT, including point-to-point, broadcast and mesh. Discussions will include how Bluetooth mesh networking, its latest industrial-grade solution for many-to-many connectivity, will allow IIoT developers to create a reliable platform for large-scale device networks - ideal for deploying location services, asset tracking, system monitoring, full-scale building automation, and more.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to be part of the discussion about the future of connectivity for the IIoT.

12:40pm - 1:00pm 20 mins
Ecosystem Center Stage - Free to attend
IoT in Ground Support Networks for Drones
  • Speaker Chuck Byers - Principal Engineer at Cisco Corporate Strategic Innovation Group / Technical Chair, OpenFog Consortium
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or “Drones” represent an enormous global economic opportunity – if certain problems can be solved.
  • While airframes and payloads get most of the attention, very sophisticated capabilities are needed in ground support infrastructure too.
  • IoT techniques and Fog Computing will be necessary to create ground support systems with the required latency, bandwidth, security and reliability.
  • This talk will discuss several high scale drone applications, and the IoT / Fog based ground support systems necessary to implement them.
1:00pm - 1:40pm 40 mins
Main agenda
Networking Lunch
1:40pm - 2:10pm 30 mins
Ecosystem Center Stage - Free to attend
Optimizing Data for Tomorrow's Cities - Real Time Intelligent Decisions
  • Speaker Ari Scharg - Partner, Edelson PC
  • Speaker Dominie Garcia, PhD - Smart Cities Program Lead, Battelle Memorial Institute

Join us for this fireside chat discussing how IoT enhances data to create faster, more efficient results within cities.

2:10pm - 2:40pm 30 mins
Ecosystem Center Stage - Free to attend
Redefining "smart cities" to become "responsive cities"
  • Presenter Colin O'Donnell - Chief Innovation Officer, Intersection
  • Cities will go through 3 phases to become fully responsive
  • This will depend on digital, dynamic infrastructure
  • There is a big opportunity for city managers, social activists, and entrepreneurs to create new economic opportunities, reshape behaviors, and repurpose our resources to truly redefine the modern city
  • Next steps cities need to take to achieve a responsive city
3:20pm - 4:20pm 60 mins
Main agenda
Networking Break & Exhibition Visit
4:00pm - 4:40pm 40 mins
Closing Session: Smart Cities & Enterprise
Panel: What's coming next? Future Industry
  • Moderator Pierce Owen - Principal Analyst, ABI Research
  • Panelist John Kowal - Director, Business Development, B&R Automation
  • Panelist Rags Srinivasan - Senior Director Product Management, Cloud Company, Seagate
  • Panelist Ron Zimmer - President & CEO, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)
  • Panelist Abhishek Shukla - Managing Director, GE Ventures
  • Using AI Machine learning to draw interpretation from data in a more intelligent way
  • How will new technologies such as Robotics, AI, Drones, Blockchain impact Industry as we know it?
  • Using blockchain as a way to open up new business models, making a new industrial asset, or a monetizable smart thing as well as making smart contact
  • Exploring the future of UAV and drones for manufacturing
  • Where does data get analyzed - closer to source with Edge
  • What is the level of user experience needed to make the technology simple for the new non IT user base