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How AI can really benefit the smart home

Through the industry experts in AI, we've highlighted session and expert speakers who will be addressing the impact of AI on the Smart Home

A real-world look at AI and the opportunities presented

Panel: Driving Universality & Ubiquity Through Improved AI
  • User’s technical abilities become less important – anyone can interact with the technology 
  • AI becomes able to make decisions through experience – less direct interaction with homeowners over everyday details 
  • Requires partnerships in order to create a leap forward in NLP and ML
Agenda Session
Presentation: AI in the Home: Where's the Money?
  • Will AI accelerate the adoption of smart home products and services? Which ones?
  • What consumer pain points will be alleviated by AI technologies? By which technologies?
  • What is the timeline for compelling AI capabilities to become commercialized?
    • What are the stages of development and where are we today?
  • How much will consumers spend on AI-based solutions in the smart home? When?
Agenda Session
Presentation: Understanding the impacts - Positive & Negative - of AI on the Smart Home

The real benefit of AI in the smart home is not that we can commercially deploy AI-powered devices, it is that these techniques introduce new ways to dramatically improve customer experience, security, and interactions. But introducing machine learning to smart home devices and CX is easier said than done. Join industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights, Jessica Groopman for real-world look at the opportunities AI presents and the unique set of challenges that emerge. Attendees will learn:

  • How to contextualize AI in smart home's evolution
  • Real-world examples of AI in the smart home
  • How to analyze the opportunities for risk assessment
  • Implications for the ecosystem
Agenda Session