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Tom Stimac Chief Innovation Manager at GE Lighting


Tom Stimac leads the strategy and development of GE Lighting’s connected home products, including technical vision, product innovation and partner ecosystems. Tom has a true talent for turning fresh ideas into award-winning, widely adopted products, as proved in his many patents and recognitions like the Edison Pioneer Award, a distinction in product innovation, customer service and organizational citizenship given to just 15 engineers across GE’s hundreds of thousands of employees.

Most recently, Tom and his team were charged with creating the industry’s first lighting product to embed Amazon Alexa – C by GE Sol. This industry first has been featured in hundreds of media articles, touted by influencers, photographed with celebrities and bestowed with many award distinctions.

Tom joined GE in 2001 designing LED systems, and over the years has taken on several critical engineering roles, including Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance Manager, Principal Engineer and System Manager. He has a deep technical knowledge of LED systems, and represents GE in a variety of industry organizations, including ANSI, UL and NEMA. He was one of the first members of GEL Core, an original LED startup within GE, and frequently represents GE Lighting as a speaker on smart home topics at industry conferences and events.

Tom holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

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