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Pod Farms


Founded in 2017, Pod Farms has a vision to bring healthy food options to every single home and we are working towards that goal. In order to do this, we are providing garden installation services to homes who want maintenance-free, organic vegetable gardens for busy lives and tight budgets (I mean, who could deny that?).

Our gardens are intended to replace the need for purchasing organic grown food from grocery stores. So, not only does this save you time and money,  you also know EXACTLY what you’re eating and where it is from.  The way food was intended to be.

We have a lot of exciting services and products coming to fruition and you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Some upcoming fun things:

  • Farm Fresh delivered foods with Pod Packages! (hooray!) Coming: Fall 2017
  • Our product to eliminate outdoor gardens (for real, though) Due: 2018
  • Emission-Free vehicle use (yes, we like the environment, too) Goal: First Vehicle Purchase.