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June 1-3, 2022
Singapore EXPO

Neurocoms Inc.


Neurocoms Inc. is a company that has hardware technology computing artificial intelligence services at a high speed in small devices, which was possible only through large systems or cloud servers. Based on this technology, we provide artificial intelligent security devices that provide a variety of intelligent services and core modules of quality inspection systems required to automate the production of products in factories.

Artificial intelligence is the key to opening up a new security system market. The "Deep Runner", a small artificial intelligence security device supplied by Neurocoms Inc., is an AI device that users can train objects to recognize in an easy way. Based on basic functions to recognize objects with the best accuracy, you can use Deep Runner to provide premium security services such as appearance alarm, absence alarm, people counting, and car license plate recognition.

Our low-power artificial intelligence technology is open to all. You do not need to use cloud systems to implement AI security. With our technology, it is possible to carry out deep learning object recognition in real time with power consumption less than 0.5 watts, so it can be built in CCTV cameras.


Deep Runner NC901


  • Running stand-alone: no cloud systems required
  • Support the latest deep learning algorithms: users can easily train it to recognize any object they want
  • People count: For example, you can see how many people visit each corner of the store over time.
  • Logging: Recognition results are recorded on the device's SD card and can be accessed remotely if needed
  • Appearance alarms: For example, it may sound an alarm when a harmful animal appears on the farm.
  • Missing alarm: For example, if the guard is not visible for a specified time, an alarm can be sounded.
  • Car license plate recognition
  • Simultaneous processing up to 16 wired/wireless IP cameras
  • Providing web interface requiring no programming.

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