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June 8-10, 2022
Singapore EXPO

June 8-10, 2022
Singapore EXPO

The TechXLR8 Asia Virtual Training Series

Developing the skills and competencies your organisation needs to succeed

Telecoms & Tech Academy, part of Informa Tech will be running a series of virtual business and technology programmes across TechXLR8 Asia 2020 addressing the key topics in telecoms management, business innovation, and AI. Each programme will deliver the knowledge and develop the competencies needed to truly master the subject.

Our Learning Programmes

We deliver engaging, innovative, flexible learning solutions to upskill teams and develop key competencies across your business.

Innovation Mini-MBA

28 Sep - 2 Oct | Live Virtual Classroom

Fully immersive learning experience, focusing on problem definition and idea scaling through experiential engagement.

Programme Modules:

  • Empathize – An introduction to innovation
  • Validate & Ideate – Idea generation/selection
  • Prototype – Visualisations and business model
  • Build – Financials, planning and metrics
  • Pitch – Finalise the story

Telecoms Mini-MBA

28 Sep - 2 Oct | Live Virtual Classroom

Highly participative programme focusing on real business, technology and industry issues.

Programme Modules:

  • Strategy/Business Environment
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Leadership & Management
  • Marketing/Customer Focus

AI Transformation for Telecoms Leaders

14-15 September (2x1/2 Days) | Live Virtual Classroom

This course will expose Telcos at the organisational level with the AI foundations, AI frameworks, and AI tools to craft their strategies

Programme Modules:

  • Emerging technologies in Telcos
  • Digital Transformation strategies and organisational culture
  • AI and operations strategy in a digital era
  • Innovation methodologies, building a culture of innovation

Creating Commercial Value in AI

2 October | Live Virtual Classroom

The course will expose leaders to the necessary foundations that are required at the organisational level for AI. 

Programme Modules:

  • Examining emerging technologies
  • Strategy in a digital era: AI and operations
  • Organisational application
  • Measuring AI success and limitations

LTE for Mission Critirical Networks

14-15 September 2020 | Live Virtual Classroom

Delivers in-depth understanding on LTE as applied to mission-critical networks and guidance on preparing for the transition.

Programme Modules:

  • Understanding LTE as applied to MCNs
  • LTE versus legacy systems
  • First-hand accounts in deploying LTE for MCNs
  • Mission Critical Features for LTE
  • 5G as applied to MCNs

Delivering AI at Scale in Financial Services

14-16 September 2020 (3x1/2 Days) | Live Virtual Classroom

The course provides a practical guide to building a roadmap for the delivery of your AI at scale transformation programme.

Programme Modules:

  • Roadblocks in scaling AI and how to overcome them
  • Industrialising infrastructure and processes
  • AI enabling technology
  • Managing risks of AI
  • Considering the regulatory framework for AI

Harnessing AI to Optimise Sales, Marketing & CX

21-23 September 2020 (3x1/2 Days) | Live Virtual Classroom

The course provides a practical guide to building a roadmap for the delivery of your AI at scale transformation programme.

Programme Modules:

  • Market Evaluation: Evaluating the landscape of AI solutions, options and providers
  • Commercialising AI: Optimise sales, marketing and CX
  • Preparing for change


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