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Where IoT Transforms Business

Instigating Growth in Connectivity, Edge, AI & Security Technologies through IoT-Generated Data

IoT World Europe is part of TechXLR8, London Tech Week’s flagship event

About IoT World Europe

IoT developments are enabling digital transformation. How?

With advancements in connectivity and 5G, IoT-generated data is fuelling the cloud-edge revolution and providing AI the clean, mass data it requires to unlock the full potential of a digitised business.

IoT World Europe forms part of TechXLR8, London Tech Week’s flagship event. With separate conferences and a shared exhibition covering 5G, IoT, Cloud, Edge, ARVR, Blockchain, AI, Quantum Computing, and start-ups, TechXLR8 is where tech transforms business through collaboration and insight.

No one can do IoT alone. Connect and partner with the entire ecosystem of technology and enterprise at TechXLR8 where strategists, technologists and implementers are putting IoT into action across industry verticals.

What's on the agenda in 2020?

Maximising IoT Potential with Advanced Connectivity

Creating a Secure, Regulated and Standardised IoT Ecosystem

Success through Collaboration in the Evolving Business Landscape

Capitalise on IoT Sensor-Collected Data

Taking IoT to the Edge and Beyond

Integrating AI on Top of IoT: Turning Insights into Action