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Manufacturing and Technology brought together at TechXLR8

Manufacturing Topics Include:

AI & Machine Learning World

At AI & Machine Learning World, you will learn from case studies giving deep dive into what will an augmented post robotic workforce look like? This will bring early adopters from across the globe to discuss the paradigm shift happening in manufacturing. Part of this, the Robotics Summit, will be a day of innovation looking at the future of automation, and how this is effecting the traditional manufacturing ecosystems. The manufacturing sector is going through a fundamental change and it is AI and RPA technologies which are driving this

Is AI a Friend or Foe to the manufacturing industry? This is a subject that has been driving debate since the proliferation of investment into AI technologies over the past 18 months. This will be addressed in detail by Eric Larson, CIO of industry heavyweight Schlumberger, who will argue that RPA technologies can never replace the human touch. Robotics and AI clearly are matters for debate within the manufacturing industry, and AI and Machine Learning World will look in detail to try and give some answers.

Internet of Things World Europe

At Internet of Things World Europe, we engage some of the most proactive industrial players who are implementing IoT technologies to deliver production efficiencies, minimise downtime of machinery and provide an improved customer experience across their value chain. The value that a manufacture brings to a customer once finished upon delivery of a product, but thanks to enhanced visibility from IoT technologies, industrial players are now providing value throughout a products lifecycle, from data analytics services, predicative maintenance and coaching of product use, all thanks to IoT.

At this year’s event hear actual case studies on how manufacturing organisations are being ignited by IoT developments including the likes of Piaggio Group, Volvo Construction Equipment, Leica Microsystems, Bosch Power Tools and Husqvarna Group.

VR & AR World

At VR & AR World, learn from a wide range of exclusive manufacturing case studies from enterprises at the forefront of this innovation in this space, including Boeing, Audi and AMRC. The manufacturing and engineering sectors are at the forefront of VR and AR adoption, and this theme will be explored in great detail in our Industrial VR & AR Track as part of VR & AR World on 14th and 15th June.

With VR and AR, engineers are able to design better products, assembling and reviewing theoretical components beforehand in a virtual context, check all processes before a real product is built, and enable customers to review designs at every stage of the build - all saving a huge amount of time and expense. They are also highly beneficial for training engineers in new processes, warehousing, and allowing manufacturers to interact with plans usually restricted to a 2D page in a much more interactive 3D way.


Read insights on the future of manufacturing and technology from key industry leaders. Our report includes;

  • An AREA Interview with the AMRC: Augmented Reality in Advanced Manufacturing
  • Q&A with IoT Evangelist Dr Mitch Tseng
  • Security Challenges for Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things with Eric Winsborrow, CEO, Distrix Networks

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