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Arran Stewart
CEO at


Arran James Stewart is the co-founder of blockchain recruitment platform Relying on a decade worth of experience in the recruitment industry, Arran has consistently sought to bring recruitment to the cutting edge of technology. Arran helped develop one of the world’s first multi-post to media buy talent attraction portals, and also helped reinvent the way job content found candidates through utilizing matching technology against job aggregation. Arran is currently launching the first blockchain recruitment platform with – which aims to be the most secure, efficient, and transparent hiring process ever. As a first-mover in online recruitment technology with a decade of experience in recruitment, Arran’s expertise has been featured in Forbes, Reuters, CoinJournal, and HRTechnologist, among other publications.


Q1: What would you say blockchain will be most useful for vs. what it will be least useful for, in recruitment?

“The biggest impact Blockchain will have over the next 3 years in recruitment will be skills and reference endorsement. Currently 85% of candidate lie during their hiring process, this contributes to the 46% of hires that fail in the first 18 months. This issue is something that costs industry considerably and is heavily related to false references from previous employers and/or claims to skills that individual may not have. Blockchain will improve recruitment in all ways in my opinion, I cannot see anything its least likely to impact.”

Q2: Which opportunities do you see in the combination of blockchain with AI?

“AI and blockchain go together so well, as one does the task at hand, the other records it being done with the utmost confidence. The biggest impact I believe will be in recruitment, Healthcare, supply chain logistics and finance.”

Q3: Will 2019 be the year of blockchain? Why or why not?

“The true year for blockchain awareness came in 2017-18 with the crypto surge, but blockchain will become a prominent part of all our lives as the projects that are being built now, become mainstream over the next 3 years.”

Q4: “What are you most looking forward to with regards to speaking at Blockchain for Business Summit, part of TechXLR8 and London Tech Week

I am a blockchain and technology evangelist, it makes the world around us better and I am looking forward to being with likeminded individuals.”

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