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Dominique Kersten
IT Development Engineer at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.


I am an IT Development Engineer and Innovator at a New Technology team at ABN AMRO Bank, dedicated to investigating and creating proof of concepts with relevant new technologies.  Our experiments in AR & VR entail exploring the advantages and dynamic generation of immersive data visualizations.

Next to my work at the bank, I am involved in different Health Innovation projects, which is something I feel very passionate about.  In my private lab, I do research and conduct experiments, combining different ideas, technologies, hardware and software.  My multidisciplinary approach is based on a diverse background, with degrees in both Business Administration and Industrial Product Design, and training and experience as a developer and coach/counsellor.

My involvement with Augmented Reality started 10 years ago, when I used a web-based (flash) version in my line of self-coaching children’s books.  Since then, I have experimented with different technologies and investigated multiple uses-cases and combinations, like for example mixing IoT and AR to create Augmented Reality interfaces and show data in context.  Since web-based AR and VR became available again, I embraced the opportunity and started exploring and combining it with for example web-Bluetooth to enable different types of devices to act as interfaces for webXR applications.

I love collaborating with other pioneers.  In the WebXR NL community, we are very enthusiastic about the developments in web-based Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality, because of the enormous advantages and possibilities they bring.  We connect VR, AR and MR creators who want to experiment with or share knowledge on bringing immersive experiences to the web. Recently I have also joined the organization of the Mixed Reality User Group in the Netherlands, which has embraced the immersive web as well.