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Dora Matheidesz
Senior Innovation Manager at HSBC


Dora is a Senior Innovation Manager on HSBC’s Growth and Innovation Team for the Global Commercial Bank. Dora works on blockchain-based projects to help modernise and digitise trade finance. HSBC is a leader in the DLT space and is a prominent participant in a number of blockchain-based consortia, including Voltron, and eTradeConnect.

Prior to joining HSBC, Dora lead partnerships at Earnest, a consumer lending fintech start-up in San Francisco, California.
Dora has also worked on J.P. Morgan’s investment banking team in New York, focused on high grade loan originations and structuring.
Dora holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.


In the lead up to the event, Dora shared with us her thoughts on the following questions:

What are you most looking forward to with regards to speaking at Blockchain for Business Summit, part of TechXLR8 and London Tech Week?

"I am excited to hear first-hand about the cutting edge innovation and live projects leveraging blockchain. Additionally, the best part of large events is meeting and connecting with other leaders in the blockchain space – both in financial services and at corporates. 

I am looking forward to networking and exchanging ideas with others in the industry."

Which use cases for blockchain have you explored so far?

"At HSBC, we’re utilising blockchain technology across the entire bank – be it trade finance, syndicated lending, foreign exchange or securities settlement.

We are taking a holistic perspective on how to leverage our capabilities across the bank by creating a modular blockchain ecosystem, with interoperable components, to deliver the best solutions to our clients."

What would you say blockchain will be most useful for vs. what it will be least useful for, in banking and finance?

"Anyone thinking about deploying blockchain should ask themselves:

  • Are the current processes slow, fragmented or do they lack transparency across parties?
  • Are there multiple parties transferring information and data from dozens of systems?
  • Is paper often used to bridge the existing parties creating manual workarounds?
  • Is there a lack of trust in the system?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a blockchain solution could prove useful.  But we don’t believe in using blockchain just for the sake of blockchain."

Will 2019 be the year of blockchain? Why or why not?

"Blockchain will continue to gain momentum in 2019 and we will see more projects moving out of testing into live production.

However, the industry can get impatient about where we are in the blockchain adoption curve and why blockchain hasn’t become ubiquitous yet.

Many often forget that adoption and scaling of a new technology takes years and years – be it the internet, mobile phones or ecommerce.  We have a few years to go before blockchain reaches critical mass."

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