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Eric Van der Kleij
Chief Executive at Frontier Network


Eric is Chief Executive of one of London’s premier Blockchain hubs - Frontier Network and Chairman of Eric is a pioneering Fintech and Blockchain entrepreneur known for creating some of the most influential ecosystems and hubs in the industry such as Level39 in Canary Wharf. C4DR recently announced the creation of 58 acre Blockchain and Fintech Campus in Connecticut USA ( Eric is Honorary Chairman of the UK Government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme Advisory Group and Special Adviser to the Zurich based Kickstart Accelerator.

C4DR itself houses a portfolio of Blockchain and Fintech businesses as well as a business builder and DWorks - our full-service token factory helping business design and implement STO’s and token business models. Eric co-founded his first FinTech company Adeptra in 1996 and sold to FICO in 2012.

In February 2011 he helped create the strategy for and was appointed by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s office (10 Downing Street) as Chief Executive of the 'Tech City' initiative, helping feed into policy and drive the growth of the U.K. tech sector which has gone on to become the highly regarded organisation.

In 2012 he designed, created and led the now famous Level39 hub for the Canary Wharf Group for over three years, to become one of the largest Fintech, Cyber and Smart Cities hubs in Europe. While at Level39 he also cofounded one of the first Blockchain labs in the U.K., benchmarking Blockchain protocols and pioneering work with cryptocurrencies.

In 2016 he was appointed Chairman of the Advisory Group and Adviser for FinTech and Blockchain for the U.K. Governments Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) at the Department for International Trade. He continues to feed into policy as a volunteer and recently contributed to Lord Holmes’ cross-party white paper to help unlock efficiencies in government with Blockchain.