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Ugears: the unique mechanical models that develop curiosity, imagination and creativity. Each Ugears model is not just a construction kit, but a great idea of a perfect mechanism. Made of sustainable wood, it assembles easily without the need for glue and moves using rubber bands, cranks, gears and gravity.

Today, the Ugears range is represented by more than 40 fascinating models. And we have over 200 new design ideas and keep working on the development of new mechanical models.

Ugears is a team of over 200 inspired professionals: engineers, designers, and craftsmen who, by implementing their ideas in the models, create music embodied in wood. UGEARS’s mission is to bring an unforgettable time spent together on an exciting project. Our models are fancied in over 80 countries across 5 continents by people of all ages, uniting parents and children in the process of creation of living and moving mechanical marvels.

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