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Telco AI World Summit 2023
26-27 April 2023
Venue TBC

How Orange Group are using Advanced Analytics

We sat down with a data strategist from Orange Group (who asked to stay anonymous) to talk about the role of advanced analytics in one of Europe's biggest operators. 


What is Advanced Analytics? Why is it important to have a Strategy?

It’s the usage of all date we have to improve our performance. Our goal is to become a data-driven company where decisions are taken after analyzing data.

A strategy is important to know where do you have to focus or improve, in which domain you are a leader and where you are up to date. You have to harmonize your investments and actions to take the most out of them.

What kind of data do you tap into?

All kind of data, structure from our data warehouses and unstructured from everywhere, land and mobile network equipment, routers, apps, call centers, etc.

How does automation factor into your advanced analytics strategy?

We think about automation in two different ways:

  • Automation needed for industrialization of use cases of advanced analytics
  • Automation of processes to improve performance

Does streaming analytics factor into your strategy? how?

Streaming analytics is just a tool for a streaming use case. If you use case requires streaming (e.g. real-time offers depending on customer actions), streaming analytics is a must.

We do not ingest streaming analytics for fun, all ingestions are related to a use case.

What is the potential of AI, MI, Deep Learning, Prescriptive and Cognitive Analytics?

AI, Cognitive Analytics: it includes interactions with real customers using bots, virtual agents…we must be very cautious in the implementation as people can be rapidly disappointed to interact with quite “stupid robots”. It will be the near future, but we have to work on it.

How do you address the privacy concerns many people feel over their data?

The only way we all have is to promote transparency beyond customer expectations. We have already launched several projects to allow customers to know all information we have and how we treat it.

In regards to data analytics; where do you see Telcos focusing their energy over the next few years?

  • Big data a predictive to obtain revenues and reduce cost
  • Investigating in AI as we currently spend millions of euros in customer interactions (call centers are a huge source of cost)