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Telco AI World Summit 2023
April 2023

April 2023|Amsterdam

Latest interviews, videos, reports & whitepapers to inspire your 2021 strategy

Learn more from the top telco topics, including the advances and challenges in AI, analytics, automation, big data and 5G...

April 2023

2021 Trends to Watch: Telco AI

"AI is no more a nice-to-have but a must-have for CSPs' digital transformation"

The COVID-19 pandemic and increasing network complexity have driven a need for CSPs to manage networks and operations differently; moving away from being reactive to being more proactive and flexible in terms of how they manage network resource and engage with customers. As a result, the need for CSPs to increase investment in AI-based tools will grow exponentially in 2021. This report, by Omdia, examines this growing need, and the key trends that are driving this increase.


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Global CxO Tech & Services Agenda 2021

The shift to digital will accelerate in 2021 and will be the foundation of all digital goals, according to this recent CxO report by Omdia. The full report delves into critical trends that will dominate the technology and services agenda for CxOs around the globe this year.

Learn more about 5G and the next 6G steps for Telcos

Through discussions with industry experts and academics as well as through our own research, this briefing explores the possible next steps for 5G, the shape the next generation mobile communication technologies might take, and what they would mean for industry stakeholders. It also provides some early insight into the form 6G might take.


Meeting 5G’s great expectations

We hear a lot about how 5G is going to change expectations not just for people, but also for machines. What does this mean?

In this Q&A Ken Gold, Director of test, monitoring and analytics solution at Exfo, discusses the role of AI in delivering on 5G’s promise.

Telefonica and Alava launch 5G, IoT and AI smart industry platform

Spanish telco Telefonica Tech has teamed up with Engineering company Grupo Alava to produce a predictive maintenance solution based on IoT, 5G and machine learning installations.

Ericsson has seen the future and it’s a massive 6G powered tech-mall

Swedish kit vendor Ericsson has indulged in a bit of future gazing with a concept-heavy report that proposes ten society-changing tech trends.

The company has filtered the results of its latest ‘Ericsson ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer Trends’ report, which it has been publishing for 11 years, into a vehicle to chew on ideas around where bleeding edge tech might lead us to by 2030.

April 2023


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April 2023

Telco AI Series Speaker's Corner

Watch our exclusive collection of video interviews straight from the Telco AI Series expo floor, with valuable insights from your peers...

Keynote Speaker Interview with Natali Delic, CTIO & Senior Transformation Director at Vip Mobile & A1 Slovenia

Learn more about 'Data as the Force of Change' from Telco AI Summit Europe keynote speaker, Natali Delic, CTIO and Senior Transformation Director at Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenia, A1 Telekom Austria Group, and Board member at Data Science Serbia.

Watch the full conversation here.

Telco Industry Insights with Orange expert Imen Grida Ben Yahia

We chatted to Imen Grida Ben Yahia, the Orange expert in Future Network & AI, currently leading a continuum of research and anticipation activities in the domain of Artificial Intelligence for networks... 

Watch the complete conversation here.

Panel: Digitizing Customer Care

Moderator Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst at Ovum, leads the deep-dive discussion with a panel of experts: Olla Billinger, VP Products and Solutions at Subtonomy, Caspar Luijen, Director Customer Experience at WIND TRE ITALIA and Dr. Christian Mehlführer, Head of Commercial Area Management at A1 Telekom asking: can improved customer satisfaction and better efficiency both be accomplished? 

View the full panel discussion here.

Telecom Italia's Senior VP Lucy Lombardi Shares Her AI Opinion at Telco AI Summit Europe

We caught up with Telco AI Summit Europe keynote Lucy Lombardi, Senior Vice President, Digital & Ecosystem Innovation at Telecom Italia, following her 'Developing an AI Centre of Competence' presentation...

Watch the full interview on the AI Business YouTube Channel here.

Interview with Liv Elise Saue Tøftum, Director Analytics & CLM, Telenor Norway

Find out more about Keynote: 'Causality vs Correlation – What Is the Actual Effect of Products and Services on Customer Loyalty' from Telco AI Summit Europe 2019 keynote speaker, Liv Elise Saue Tøftum, Director Analytics & CLM at Telenor Norway... 

Watch the full interview by clicking here.

Exclusive Chat with Telkom Indonesia's Project Director of CX Transformation, Sri Safitri

Sri Safitri, Project Director of CX Transformation at Telkom Indonesia, explains why it's good to smile, ahead of her presentation on 'A Journey Towards Best in Class Digital Customer Experience'...

Find out more from the video chat here.


Discover more of what our esteemed event speakers have to say about the changes and challenges impacting the telco AI space...

Dr. Susan Wegner Talks Mobile Data Analytics

Are you a game-changing innovator?

Seasoned speaker, Dr. Susan Wegner, VP Data, Artificial Intelligence and Governance at Deutsche Telekom, shares with us more detail about the future of Deutsche Telekom, including the Telekom Innovation Laboratories, which is an experimental scientific institute focused on innovating web-based communication and big data...

Natali Delic Gives Us the AI & ML Lowdown

Discover how the customer journey is powered by AI and ML

We chat to Natali Delic, CTIO and Senior Transformation Director at Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenia (part of A1 Telekom Austria Group), to get a clearer industry perspective on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are key tools for the customer journey...

Roman Postnikov on AI & Location Data Accuracy

The approach to data analytics is shifting

Say hello to Roman Postnikov, Director, Customer Analytics and Segment Marketing at MegaFon and Chief Executive Officer of oneFactor, as he discusses the role of Artificial Intelligence and location data accuracy in today's Digital Era...


Warehouse automation company Symbotic starts deploying 5G

Symbotic has a massive agreement with Walmart that involves outfitting 25 of the retailer's distribution centers with robot-powered, automated distribution systems. And that's just one of Symbotic's customers; the company counts agreements fully covering 1,400 stores in 16 US states and eight Canadian provinces.

And Symbotic is beginning to embrace 5G.

China operators make a play for the metaverse

The Chinese metaverse is starting to take shape but, as with every other part of the internet, it is going to look quite different from the metaverse everywhere else.

Comcast unit pitches 'VideoAI' service

Comcast Technology Solutions is taking aim at operators, programmers and streaming services with VideoAI, a new software-as-a-service product that enables those partners to analyze their video feeds – down to the audio and closed captioning – and build rich metadata that can be used to fuel an array of new applications.

April 2023


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